The vibrant and colourful feathers of a peacock have long been regarded as a symbol of beauty.

But there’s a deeper meaning in its aesthetic beauty for us humans. If we muster up the courage to show our true colours, we can reach new heights of integrity and beauty.

In ancient cultures, myths, history and folklore, peacock represents meanings of sacredness, spiritual guidance, Intuition, protection and awareness.

At times, when you lack faith and need a driving force to revitalise your spirituality, think of the overpowering beauty of the peacock.

It can help you in your spiritual voyage towards enlightenment and recuperate your dying faith.

Peacocks can also restore your self-esteem levels to their optimal rates. In life, we’re under the influence of factors, such as abusive relationships and social exclusion that birth certain insecurities within us.

If you’re feeling down, meditate with the splendid techno-colour beauty the peacock possesses in mind. This will help you regain your confidence levels, and in no time, restore the same levels of pride a Peacock does.

Peacock Spiritual Meaning

Here is a complete list of meanings a peacock symbolises.

  • Pride
  • Regality
  • Insightfulness
  • Spirituality
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Tenacity
  • Ability to emerge anew
  • Enlightenment
  • Steadfastness

In Hinduism, Peacock is often linked with Lakshmi, a deity who was the cornerstone of kindness, generosity, empathy, tolerance and endurance.

The Greek mythology associate Peacock with Juno, who considered the hundred eyes on the feathers of the peacock as the keys to paradise and the eyes of constellations.

In Asian spirituality, the Peacock has the meanings of love, good intentions, emotional growth and kindness.

According to legend, Kwan-Yin who was the bearer of Peacock symbolism in Asian folklore chose to stay mortal, even though she had the choice to gain immortality, just to help humanity in their spiritual struggles.

Babylonian myths and tales saw Peacock as a protector of Royal blood. Recent excavations have uncovered several peacock engravings on the thrones of renowned Persian Kings.

In Christianity, Peacock is considered an emblem of omnipotence and holiness. Some Spiritualists have also associated it with Spiritual renewal, refinement, growth and resurrection.

In an Alchemic school of thought, Peacock is linked to the resurrecting phoenix.

The Phoenix and the Peacock, both give us a similar message that we can emerge anew after periods of emotional and spiritual downfall. These symbols imbue us the faith to believe in rebirth and renaissance of our debilitating spirits.

According to the boastful Peacock, pride isn’t a bad thing. Most males walk with their heads held high, because they want to present themselves from a position of strength, from where they can easily impress the females.

This tells us that if your intentions are pure and your heart is in the right place, a little pride and ego can do you no harm.

This metaphor holds true in situations when we have to get the attention or love of someone we have a massive crush on. This mentality can also help us get a coveted spot in our dream job.