Chemistry – that elusive property of a relationship that we all crave but are rarely able to quantify. It makes a relationship exciting, intense and – importantly – spiritually valuable.

We will all encounter people along our life journey with whom we have chemistry. But how can we tell when there is chemistry between two people?


It may seem obvious, and that is because it is. Chemical attraction between two people is rarely subtle, intense as it is.

And this chemistry immediately displays itself in facial expressions.

When two people who have chemistry with each other interact, they smile. A lot. Even when it makes little to no sense for them to be smiling according to the subject matter, they are inexplicably driven to smile.

Physical Contact

They also yearn instinctively for physical contact with each other.

When two people are talking and find themselves subconsciously standing or sitting very close to each other, that is a sure sign of chemistry between them.

They are attuned to each other’s physical boundaries and never cross them, but engage in as much physical contact as they mutually want.

Perhaps they put a hand on the shoulder or arm that lingers a little longer than usual, or perhaps without thinking they move each others hair out of their faces.

Any excuse for physical contact. That is a sign of chemistry.

Sexual Attraction

Related, though not the same, is sexual attraction. Even in platonic relationships, people with real chemistry feel a sexual attraction towards each other.

This may manifest itself as a sexual relationship, or it may manifest itself merely as flirtation. Watch out for either party being especially complimentary, especially in regards to looks or traits they may find sexually attractive.


On a more intrinsic level, the chemistry between two people often manifests a strong feeling of familiarity. This is because the body and mind are recognising itself in another person.

Two people with chemistry may feel as if they have known each other for years despite having just met.

This kind of familiarity is strongly associated with soulmates and twin flames, which is the core reason why so many people end up mistaking someone who they have chemistry with for a soulmate or twin flame.

Spiritual Connection

And the other core reason for this mistake is that, when two people have strong chemistry, they often also have a spiritual connection.

People who have chemistry with each other are often closely related to the tree of consciousness.

This means that their souls are very alike, more attuned to each other than they are to others as they move along their spiritual journey towards a consciousness only a few dimensions up.

This close relation manifests itself in chemistry and can signal that this person can help you along your spiritual journey.

A Word Of Warning

Finally, by way of a word of warning, chemistry between two people does not mean we are inextricably linked to them.

Chemistry may be exciting, it may be a roller coaster ride, but too often we put too much stock in it and remain in strong chemical relationships longer than we should.

Sometimes people with whom we have chemistry are put in our lives not to be our partners, but to teach us that sometimes we must deny ourselves exciting, but damaging, relationships.