If you want to know how to awaken your Twin Flame, then you are in the right place!

This is a tricky part of your relationship and an aspect that most couples struggle with.

It can be difficult to be the “awakened” one in a relationship because it feels like all the burden of that side of your connection is entirely on your shoulders. Ideally, it would be shared.

For this reason, many people try to force their partner’s awakening – which often proves unproductive.

On the other hand, others claim that you should stay out of your partner’s awakening as much as possible.

It isn’t your place; it will happen on its own, trust divine timing – these are all versions of “surrender to the process.”

This isn’t terrible advice, but it’s not terribly helpful either.

There are ways that you can help your Twin Flame to awaken, but care must be taken not to do more harm than good.

Follow this guide to bring the spiritual center back to your relationship.

Is Your Twin Flame Unawakened?

When we say that someone is “unawakened,” what we mean is that they are not aware or do not believe in the Twin Flame process and the energy connections that underpin it.

More broadly, it also means that they lack any spiritual belief or do not think it is important enough to think about.

It is common for one Twin to be awakened and the other not to be.

This is just one of many dualities and dichotomies that run through this relationship, and as usual, there is a reason for it.How To Awaken Your Twin Flame

Essentially, you are being presented with your mirror, so you see yourself (through them) in an unawakened state.

They, in turn, can see in you how they could be were they awakened. This pattern extends to many areas of the relationship.

So your partner is unawakened if they do not understand or accept the journey you are on together. Does this need to change?

Awaken Your Twin Flame

Should you awaken your twin flame? There is a lot of debate over whether you should actively attempt to help someone awaken, or whether you should let them reach that point on their own timetable.

Those in favor of taking action say that you must act as a catalyst, often implying that it is your responsibility to help them awaken – and by extension, your fault if they fail to do so.

People who disagree with this often point to the idea of “surrender,” saying that it is useless to try to force the issue and that you should let them come to their own conclusions at their own pace.

To them, it is not really any of your business what they believe as the relationship doesn’t actually require you to believe in it.

Both groups have a good point, which is why we suggest a third approach that bridges the gap.

Rather than trying to teach them about the journey or persuade them of its reality.

You can use your powers of manifestation to act as the catalyst for their own path towards realizing the truth of the situation.

By embodying the Twin Flame journey, embracing the process yourself, you create opportunities for your partner to engage.

Allow them to take those opportunities if they want to, but don’t push them or try to “encourage” them towards it.

This approach yields better results in the long term. An idea that you arrive at on your own faces far less resistance than one that somebody else is trying to push onto you.

Techniques To Awaken Them

It’s all well and good knowing the abstract reasoning or the right approach, but without specific techniques to draw upon, it can still be a bit of a struggle.

The first technique we can talk about is to lead by example. This utilizes the “mirroring” power of your connection to help drive your partner to follow your lead of their own volition.

A concrete example of this is meditation. Meditation is great for your mental, spiritual, and physical health.

It also plays a major role in helping people to awaken.

But if you have ever tried to get someone to try meditation for the first time, then you know how difficult it is to force someone into a meditative state.

Rather than convincing your partner to join you in daily meditation practice, just do it on your own.

Let them see you do it and mention how it makes you feel.

Let them ask questions if they want to, but don’t get annoyed if they don’t show any interest at all – just keep going, concentrating on the effect it is having on you.

Another technique is to talk about the journey and your spiritual beliefs.

This requires a delicate touch because you don’t want to start preaching about something that your partner doesn’t want to hear.

Try to stick to talking about how you relate to it and how it makes you feel, rather than telling them how it is supposed to relate to them.

That is the biggest mistake people make in this situation. By doing this too much, you could turn the whole subject into a deeply unpleasant one for them as they feel pressured into considering it.

The final technique we will mention here is to work as a go-between for your Twin Flame and the truth of your journey.How To Awaken Your Twin Flame

There are many, many spiritual practices and activities you can engage in to connect more with each other and your higher self.

So your best move may be to find one that you think would work for your partner.

Are they into sports and fitness? Maybe they would like yoga and read about the link between physical and mental health.

Are they passionate about fashion? Show them the various crystals and symbols that can be used as clothing accessories, taking the opportunity to explain meanings.

The point is to frame the relevant concepts within a framework that they are already receptive to.

What that means for you is unique, but as long as you are putting their needs and concerns first – and you take it slowly! – you will eventually prove the catalyst of their awakening.