How to open your Crown Chakra: The crown chakra is the spiritual hub of devotion, dedication, determination, kindness, happiness and optimism. It aligns us with the cosmos.

Our connection with the divine or universal source exists because of it. If the pathways of our crown chakras are blocked, we feel a noticeable decline in our faith.

Our ability to believe in miracles and leaps of faith diminishes. We feel disconnected from ourselves. We feel as if we’re floating in a hollow space.

Emptiness and nothingness warp our mind. Our will to progress towards our hopes, ambitions and spiritual goals diminishes.

To remedy these distressing emotional and physical symptoms, one must know how to open the crown chakra.

In this article, we’ve compiled two of the most effective techniques to open your crown chakra and restore balance and harmony to your life.

How to Open Crown Chakra

Inspire Yourself

Inspiration is one of the most effective tools to clear blockages in your crown chakra. Spend time in the company of people who strive to carry on despite insurmountable odds.

We come across many people in our lives that are struck by abject poverty, but they always find a reason to adorn a smile on their faces.

They inspire us in ways no one else can. Sometimes, all you need to do is have an enlightening conversation with them or observe their lives from a distance.

Doing so can breathe new life into your own existence. However, inspiration is not only limited to people. Sometimes, the right motivation can also be extracted from songs, movies, and even physical activities.

All you need is a driving force, a little push to kick-start your day. All of these practices have a proven track-record of opening the crown chakra because they imbue you with positivity.

My favourite source of inspiration has always been reading. Whenever my crown chakra is closed, I pick up a purposeful book and let its message uplift my mood.

One more thing; Believe in the healing powers of inspiration. You must be willing to believe in the tools of your revival. No source of inspiration can help you if you’re a cynic.

Make Self-Affirmations a Daily Habit

There are many factors in social surroundings, such as lofty standards that can unnerve the best of us and block our crown chakras in the process.

We live in a society which demands perfection from us perfectly flawed beings. Keeping pace with its expectations sometimes takes a toll on us.

This is where self-affirmations come in and save the day. Stand in front of the mirror and repeat these lines every day,

“I’m capable.”
“I’m beautiful.”
“My life has value.”
‘’ My worth is not dependent on superficial standards.”

They can help you restore your confidence and open your crown chakra.

One of the reasons why self-affirmations are an effective remedy is because they give rise to open and expanded emotions.

They lead you to believe in something you don’t. Sometimes, we don’t believe in us until a voice inside us does. Sometimes, you need a guiding light from within to extricate you.