Silver Eye Color Meaning: Eyes are the windows to the soul. They are the most expressive part of the human body.

They serve as a silent means of communication. Eyes tell about the real emotions of a person.

There are many different eye colours and every colour has its own meaning.

Silver Eye Color Meaning:

Silver is a beautiful metallic colour and it is the sign of wealth and richness in many cultures around the world.

Silver eye colour is very rare and considered as a variation of blue eyes. But it is easily distinguishable from the blue colour.

Mostly, eastern European people have this colour. There are people whose eye colour changes with time; silver appears in their eyes when they have a new idea.

Dark silver appearance shows the accumulation of fear.

Blue Eye Color Meaning:

Blue is the colour of sky and sea. Along with green eyes, blue is the most desirable colour in human eyes.

When babies are born, most of them are born with blue irises; but this colour changes and deepens with time, within two weeks mostly.

People with blue eyes are considered primarily attractive. Blue eyes are the representative of knowledge and a peaceful personality.

Brown Eye Color Meaning:

In all the eyes colours, brown eyes are the most common. Brown like the earth (down to earth) is considered to be the colour of trust.

It gives the sense of stability and security. People who have brown eyes are said to be determined and independent. Their confidence level is quite high.

Green Eye Color Meaning:

Green eyes are always connected with mystery. It is not a common colour, only 8% of mankind have green eyes.

Green is the colour of nature, and these people are curious about the environment as well.

These people are very creative and confident. They can be possessive people who get jealous fast.

But in their hearts, there is lots of respect, care and love for others.

Hazel Eye Color Meaning:

Hazel eyes look very beautiful. It is a combination of two or three colours mostly, but brown or green are the most common hazel eyes colour.

People who have hazel eyes are courageous and accept every challenge in their life.

They are known to be very spontaneous. Hazel colour could be present in two forms: either it has greater green or brown.

When there is more green colour in the hazel eye than brown, then that person usually has mischievous behaviour.

When there is more brown than green, then the person is more approachable to others.

Hazel colour eyes are known to change with the mood of the person.

Black Eye Color Meaning

Black is a magical colour. People who have black eyes are thought to be very secretive.

They don’t open up easily in public. They are loyal people and respect their relations.

Grey Eye Color Meaning

People who have grey eyes are known for their wisdom. These gentle people are sensitive and analyse every situation beforehand.

They don’t let change affect them and work accordingly. Whenever there’s a hard time in their life, it only makes them stronger.