Everyone has hidden psychic abilities. Some know how to channel them better than others.

Harnessing these powers requires a strong conviction, confidence and indomitable resolve. Not many people realise their psychic powers until they reach a ripe age.

It gets a little tricky to identify the strength or type of psychic powers a particular person possesses. It goes without saying that every zodiac sign has conflicting psychic abilities.

They share a direct relationship with your astrological sign. Here’s a list of zodiac signs that have the potential to become psychic emperors.


You have this rare ability to think outside of the box. You always perceive scenarios differently than others. You’re particularly good at sensing what others are thinking.

You’re well aware of what and who has influenced them in their life. When someone is talking to you, you already know what they are going to say.

Deep down, you’re afraid to see what people are thinking because their thoughts are distressing and haunting, but you know that your psychic abilities are too high to shun these brooding mental images.


You’re adept at reading people’s minds. If a person is going through a period of depression or stress, you’re quick to figure it out.

You have a well-developed intuition that has helped you get out of complex situations your entire life. You have a deep-rooted sense of empathy.

You’re helplessly desperate to help others around you who need your help. You can hear their cries and moans.

You must embrace your psychic abilities instead of trying to continually suppress them. They’re too strong to be just simply discarded.


You’re not too sure about the past and the present, but you can anticipate the future with creepy precision.

You have an exceptional ability to extrapolate the present and deduct different viable possibilities. Your insight into the future has helped you evade imminent dangers.

You can easily acclimatise to changing conditions. You’re not discouraged by challenges because you know that your psychic abilities will lead the way and assist you in every struggling endeavour.

One of the shortcomings in your psychic abilities is that you’re not good at recognising people’s thoughts. They quietly slip under the radar.


You share an incredible connection with your surroundings. If you’re around nature, you feel completely in sync with the lush green trees, flavorful air and the tangible earth underneath your feet.

This natural connection is what bolsters your psychic tendencies. You’re good at understanding people’s emotions.

If someone has a crush on you, you’ll instantly know. However, sometimes you let your sentiments come in the way of pragmatic approach.

You’re a dreamer who does not believe in playing safe.


Your psychic abilities are restrained due to your gigantic ego. This self-ego dwarfs your intuition.

You can unleash the real powers of your psyche if you learn to tame your mind and suppress your self-ego. You have to start listening to the voices emanating from inside of you.

You’re great at handling emotional matters. You know how to process emotions even when you’re impulsive. Have faith in your wild hunches, and let them guide you to your destiny.