The heart chakra is the main place of the strong inner energy pull between twin flames. It flows fast in a thick plate of energy between them.

They feel a pain, like their chest is being pried open with a massive force, the pain is spiritual energy, it does not hurt on a physical level. It provides the basis of their divine connection and helps them to understand each other at their core level.

The location of the heart chakra is the centre of your chest. The twins are connected at the heart level, that’s why one twin could feel the other without any physical means.

All the matters that are associated with love are held by the heart chakra. When there’s a betrayal or abuse, the heart chakra gets partially or entirely blocked.

It means that person could no longer sense love and couldn’t even love themselves. Many spiritual leaders believe that when people meet their twin, the initial process of the soul spark is enough to open the heart chakra that allows the light to pass through it, and when the time passes, the blocked heart chakra becomes completely open.

The heart chakra connection of twin flames doesn’t remain stationary. It continues to move, elevating but only when there’s no hurdle in the way.

The twin flame connection might seem beautiful, but it is not. It becomes the strangest relationship on earth for you. Because at one moment, you feel that love radiates in your whole body but other times it is burning hot; it is the big cluster of love, awkwardness, tension and stress.

All that means is that a heart has to face two decisions – either things would be positive or negative, and every event has its effects on the push and pull of the heart chakra.

When everything is going fine, heart pulls the person closer than ever and when things are not as the way planned, the heart chakra pushes the individual away.

The twin flame relationship is very divine as it gives control to the twins of what they should do. When you want to connect to your twin on a chakra level, you should clear all your 7 chakras first to align with them.

In most cases of twin flames, the cleansing is possible only when two twins are separated after recognising each other. It happens when the heart chakra pushes the twin away and wants loneliness only.

The opening of the heart chakra allows the individual to love unconditionally. When it is fully opened, it not only helps to meet the twin but also connects them to the core of this world including trees, animals, plants and nature of any kind.

The main reason for the twin flame incarnation at the same place and the same time on earth is that the person learns to love unconditionally on the 5D level.

The heart chakra holds the essence of life. When it is open, the world seems beautiful, and the person could enjoy all the joy of the world.

It helps to feel open and beautiful. You don’t need to wait for your twin flame to move your heart chakra. You could do it yourself by making it open through your mind power and cleanse it.

Photo by louis amal on Unsplash