If you are looking for the easiest way to astral project, then you are at the right place. Here are the best tips you can get online to initiate your astral travel.

How to get prepared:

The first thing to do is to select the perfect hour for astral projection. Morning is considered to be the ideal time because neither your mind nor your body is tired.

It is still in your surroundings, and the air is at a colder temperature. It is essential that you have slept for at least 6 hours before you astral project because you cannot do it with a sleepy head.

Also, don’t try to do it right away when you wake up because then you won’t be able to separate waking reality from dreaming.

Get out of the bed, wash your face, drink water and do whatever you do in the morning. Now go back to your bed again or to a place that you have selected for astral travel.

The Qualities of Your Selected Place:

The room you select should be away from any kind of distraction. It should be a calm and quiet place.

You can use your favourite essential oils to improve the overall environment. You should not lie down and get all comfortable in your usual sleeping position, that’s what you need to remember.

Easiest Way to Astral Project:

When you are completely prepared, it is time to start the real work. Lie down on your back because it will become easy for your astral body to leave in this state.

Your determination is your power. You need to have a firm belief that you can astral travel.

• Start to astral project by clearing your mind away from any thoughts

• Keep your mind in this state for at least 2 minutes

• Provide as much comfort as you can to your physical body

• Now visualise that your astral body is leaving you

• Imagine that there’s a force right above you which is drawing your astral body away from your physical body

• Don’t get afraid once you are unable to move your limbs; it is called sleep paralysis and is temporary, but it is a signal that you are going in the right direction

• Once you are out of your body, see your physical body

• In the first few attempts, you will find yourself in nothingness, and you will return to your physical body right away, but things will change after you repeat the process a few times

• In the succeeding sessions, try to focus on the desired location that you want to visit so that you don’t return to your body without your consent

• That’s it; it seems quite simple but it requires lots of practice

Practice makes a person perfect. You need to do this exercise every day or twice a day if you want to master astral projection. The more you practice, the less time it will consume.

Read about the experiences of others whenever you can because their knowledge will help you a lot in the astral world. Dedicate your time and enjoy your visit there.

Once you master this art, you can leave your body whenever you want without doing any prior preparations as mentioned above.