Cats have long held symbolic meaning for people across many cultures. When we dream about cats, this symbolism applies to our lives and through dream interpretation we can gather useful guidance.

Dreams about cats are rooted deeply in our psyche. For this reason, they are in type and meaning.

Cats in symbolism and dream interpretation often represent the same three things – intuition, femininity and independence.

Cats Representing Intuition

Cats have always represented human intuition, your gut feelings and subconscious mind that guide you through the parts of life that can’t simply be thought through.

Dreaming of a healthy, happy cat usually means that you have a healthy relationship with your intuition. You are using your intuition when it is appropriate to do so, but you are not relying on it so much that you neglect to think through important issues.

On the other hand, dreaming about a sick cat can mean that you have been neglecting or over-using your intuition. Neglecting your intuition can lead to high levels of stress, which only decreases your ability to react intellectually.

Similarly, over-using your intuition can mean that you fail to think things through when you have the time and tools to do so.

Cats Representing Femininity

Another significant symbolic meaning of cats is related to femininity.

Femininity is equally applicable to both men and women (and everyone in-between!), as we all have a mixture of masculine and feminine energies that hold a delicate balance.

Here, an angry or hostile cat might mean that you have unresolved issues with your femininity.

Maybe you don’t feel feminine enough, or you feel a little too feminine – it all depends on your ideals and the unique balance you need to strike. The balance is a moving scale, understand that is also a key.

A scared cat might indicate that you have anxiety about your femininity, or have some apprehension about embracing the femininity that you can identify within yourself.

Either way, reconnecting with your femininity is of high importance, whatever gender you identify yourself as. We all require a balance of masculine and feminine energies in order to live a healthy, balanced life.

Cats Representing Our Fighting Side

Anybody who has ever had a pet cat knows that they are fiercely protective animals. Especially compared to dogs, cats tend to live life on their terms in their own time.

Dreaming of hurting or killing your cat might represent a feeling that you are unable to let go of past hurt and traumas.

People who mistreat the other in any relationship, realise that they set the tone for the path the union has taken.

It doesn’t mean ending the relationship but finding an avenue through which they can assert their interest without hurting their partner.

Saving a cat in a dream can indicate that you are on the right track to reclaiming your self worth, and is a powerful healing sign. It represents transgressing past pain from hurting your relationships in the now.