Why do we think about someone? The mind is a tricky thing. It works on its own in the background as we go about our lives, working through the lessons we are always learning.

For most, it is concerned only with the mental, the emotional and the physical realities.

But for the spiritually awakened, it participates in the spiritual aspects of our lives too.

Spiritual practice changes the nature of our minds.

We can begin to attribute some of the thoughts and ideas we conjure up to the activities of our spiritual selves.

Why Do We Think About Someone?

Particularly when it comes to our relationships.

In fact, when we find ourselves thinking about someone, it may well be that it has spiritual origins rather than more mundane origins.

We might ask then, spiritually speaking, why we might think about someone.

Spiritual Connections

When we think about someone out of the blue or for no apparent reason, we can attribute that to the effects of a shared spiritual connection.

With every spiritual connection comes a certain degree of telepathy.

Non-verbal communication that occurs over spiritual frequencies rather than the physical frequencies we usually communicate over.

This telepathy is rarely strong and rarely under our control (except for the strongest soulmate and twin flame connections).

So when we think of someone, it might well be that they are communicating with us telepathically.

In this case, we should pay attention to the spiritual connection.

Pay attention to the feeling that accompanies the thought, because therein lies the message.

The message might be anything and is likely to be an intense emotion.

This strong emotion will almost certainly be related to us or our shared relationship in a very direct way.

Spirit Guides

Another reason we might think about someone is if they are to play a significant role in the next stage of our spiritual journey.

If this is the case, then the origin of the thought is with our spirit guides.

And they are telling us that the person we are thinking about is going to be very important to us.

This will happen on its own, but we would not be delivered this message if we were not expected to act.

We follow our intuition when it comes to guidance from our spirit guides, and depending on whether we feel intuitive positivity or negativity when the thought of someone arises we must act accordingly.

If we feel positive, perhaps we should seek to develop a deeper relationship with the person we are thinking about.

If we feel negative, perhaps it is time to distance ourselves from that person.

When in doubt about the nature of a spiritual thought, it is never a bad idea to seek clarity through meditation.

We can ask our spirit guides for clarity and sit in contemplation of our relationship with the person.

And we always follow our gut – our intuition.

It is a powerful, spiritual tool that would not exist if we were not supposed to use it.

Trust yourself, even as we seek clarity from without.