The symbolism of a cat with three eyes relates to the mythical being that appears in many ancient mystical texts.

This soul appears as a cat with a 3rd eye between its eyebrows, symbolizing the 3rd eye chakra that we all have in our subtle body energy systems.

It is a mainstay of dreams and has detailed interpretations relating to awareness, self-knowledge, and spiritual senses.

It relates these concepts to your sense of self and your independence, stressing the need for a holistic approach to your personal development.

Cats With Three Eyes Symbolism In Dreams

Seeing a cat with three eyes in dreams is a sign that you have issues brewing around your sense of self, especially how you see yourself in a spiritual light.

This creature is a highly spiritual being.

Cats are among the most spiritual souls that exist in our world, so their representation with a visible third eye chakra doubles down on that.

As such, these dreams connect to the way you see your spirituality.

You may need to engage more on this level, or you may be going too quickly!

You can tell the difference between these two messages by examining the creature’s behavior.

If it is elusive, always disappearing around a corner as you catch up to it, then you are struggling to engage with your higher self and could use some more drive and energy.

On the other hand, if it appears out of nowhere everywhere you go, then you are engaging too much and should slow down, get the basics right, and keep yourself in balance.

If the extra eye appears and disappears continuously, then you are struggling to use your higher senses.

It can be a sign of improvement, as the transition from physical to metaphysical senses is rarely quick.

Usually, it signifies that you are losing your connection with your third eye and could do with some chakra healing.

Many have experienced these imaginary images, and at the same time, a cat has appeared in their life.

These souls are thought to be spirit guides, helping to reinforce the message given to you in your sleeping state.

Other Symbol

Are you ready to uncover other hidden symbols in your dreams?

Here are some you might notice:

  • A cat with three eyes may be a premonition of an upcoming event or condition in your life.
  • The appearance of cats with three eyes is said to reveal the supernatural, occult, and metaphysical nature behind our reality.
  • Seeing these souls can also indicate that you are preoccupied with solving all the world’s problems.
  • A cat with three eyes could also symbolize the power of divination and prophecy.
  • It also indicates that you are likely to experience an awakening.
  • The third eye is the seat of clairvoyance, precognition, and out-of-body experiences.

Spirit Animal

Some people choose the three-eyed cat as a spirit animal. In this context, it holds much of the same symbolism of a regular cat but with some significant differences.

Cats are well adept at having mastered their fast reflexes, high adaptability, and keen senses.

These are all key traits for your inner self, as they signify a strong mind-body-spirit connection that indicates good health and wellbeing.

This connection is essential to the meaning of this mythical creature as a spirit being because the third eye chakra deals primarily with your higher senses and sense of awareness.

Calling upon this totem imbues you with powers of independence and freedom, empowering you to know your own needs and desires, then providing the drive to chase your goals and ambitions.

It is useful when you need a quiet moment to collect your thoughts and plan for the future.

Ask for the clarity of senses and the foresight of your third eye to help pick the right path for you through this life.

Tattoo Symbolism?

Do you want to learn more about tattoo symbolism?

The tattoo design of this being makes for an excellent choice, especially if you are drawn to spiritual symbols.

It is not hard to find shops online with these tattoos in stock, so browse around until you find something that appeals to your tastes!

No matter what the meaning of the cat is in your subconscious, this being will teach you a lot about yourself.

The symbolism for people with this tattoo is about the daily journey towards spiritual awakening.

The cat’s third eye is representative of your higher self that lies dormant until you activate it with meditation, yoga, or even prayer.

It also represents the connection between your subconscious and conscious mind.

This being serves as a totem for people on their path to self-discovery through spirituality.

Psychedelic Tattoos Ideas

Psychedelic tattoos are for those who desire a combination of cute, mystical, unique, and crazy. Here are some psychedelic tattoo designs to consider.

Black Cat And Witchcraft

Black cats were known to be closely associated with witchcraft, despite the fact that cats were held in high esteem by early Christians.

Cats have been linked to witches and magic for centuries.

In European Folklore, a cat is said to be a witch’s familiar spirit – a supernatural entity appearing as an animal that carries out tasks on behalf of its assigned witch.

A cat with 3 eyes was believed to be particularly helpful (metaphysically and not physically having 3 eyes.)

The extra eye supposedly allowed a witch who owned such a pet to have superior sight in the third dimension, which provided them with better knowledge of what they were about to undertake in their future actions.

Symbolism In Romance

What does a cat with 3 eyes symbolize for romance?

There are many symbols of love. A heart, an eye, and the color red are among some.

But what about a black cat with 3 eyes? What does this symbol signify for love?

A Stunning Cat

You will find that most mystical or magical beings have one or more things in common.

One of those is that they tend to be very stunning souls. They are able to draw in the eyes of those that come across them, and they can hold that attention for a long time.

So, if you see anything with 3 eyes, it is likely to be something you will never forget!

This refers to yourself as well. Somebody that is able to hold the attention of others, regardless if they are mystical or not, are likely to experience long-lasting love.

It will be forever remembered in their memory, and it will never fade away.

Symbolism For Twin Flames

What does this soul say about twin flames on their journey?

As mentioned above, this symbolism is about you experiencing something that is long-lasting.

The twin flame experience is no different, they are someone who is your soul signature, something that is eternal.

This being with 3 eyes represents your intuition and your metaphysical self.

Your intuition is one of the most important parts about you, and it is something that others will notice right away.

Everything that you do as a person, as well as what comes into your life, has a certain energy about it that links directly to your soul signature.

The 3rd eye being represents the fact that this connection between you and your twin is strong, and it will remain this way for an eternity.


The cat with 3 eyes represents ourselves and our metaphysical senses.

The 3rd eye on top of the head allows us to see clearly and gain a deeper understanding of life.

We as humans have the ability to feel, think, and sense things, but we can also sense things beyond what our physical body can perceive, like the spirit world.

The 3rd eye is also associated with intuition, dreams, insight, and inner knowing; all of which are very important aspects in order to get a deeper understanding of life.