Twin flames are soul-mirrors of each other. They were sequestered from a single soul-unit, and feel an unbridled bodily and mental passion towards each other.

Their love for each other is an untamed lion, waiting to be ripped apart by its own fangs so that it can rise anew. Twin flames go way back.

They have spent multiple lives in numerous spiritual dimensions. That is why when two twin flames encounter each other in the material realm.

They instantly recognise each other, and fall for each other head over heels.

Their unbridled love is at odds with a stable relationship at first and may give rise to certain difficulties, but the universe has fated them to be together.

No matter the difficulties they come across in their twin flame journey.

Twin flames sign a soul contract that bounds them together. Because of this soul-contract, they come in each other’s lives over and over again.

It’s not coincidental. The universal source is just making sure that they adhere to the terms of their contract.

The more lives twin flames have shared, the more the familiarity and irresistible pull they feel towards each other.

Past lives spent with twin flames have hidden meanings.  Twin flames might have unresolved business with each other which may lead to the twin flame runner and chaser paradigm.

They might have undergone emotional traumas or harrowing emotional experiences in their past lives, and this might have left a brooding impression on their mentalities.

Twin flames reincarnate, solely to liberate each other from these mental shackles, and to catalyse our spiritual illumination.

Their presence or absence acts an impetus to rip apart the superficial fabric of life that holds us back from realising our true potentials and meanings.

Once a twin flame relationship resolves, it spells great things for the two souls in the future.

This is their last reincarnation because they finally fulfil the purpose of their existences. Which was to reunite with each other, and to find peace and appeasement in each other’s existence

Even though one of the twin flames may be spiritually immature, he still might end up mentioning something that hits the other twin flame like a truck.

All twin flames have a higher self which does not reside in the material plane. When we’re with our twin flames. This higher self-resurfaces and tries to reassert its overwhelming presence.

Whenever this happens, make sure that you listen to your twin flame with utmost concentration.

The subtle details in these conversations might give you essential guidelines on how to propagate your twin flame relationship in the future.

Understanding that you shared a past together is the first step towards spiritual harmony, and once you both reach a similar state to spiritual ascension. You can take a leap towards eternal bliss.

Twin flames and past lives share an inquisitive connection, one that needs to be thoroughly studied and understood ― but even more than that, it’s supposed to help us align with our higher self.