The heart chakra is situated in the centre of your chest. It regulates a beings ability to receive and give love. A balanced heart chakra heralds the imminence of perpetual love.

A seamlessly flowing heart chakra fills your life with endless joy and happiness. It makes you see the beauty of being in a different light.  Even old and worn-out aspects of life start to seem vibrant and colourful.

The intolerant outlook that society imbued you with during your life begins to disintegrate. Your world-view is now broad and optimistic.

Behavioral problems and shortcomings, such as low self-esteem and self-hatred are the results of a blocked heart chakra.

To reassert your spiritual glory, you must indulge in practices that ensure the smooth flow of your Anahata.

How to awaken the heart chakra

Guided Meditation

Sometimes, self-meditation can fail. It fails to give you the results you’re expecting. In such a scenario, opting for guided meditation is the best thing to do.

In a guided meditation session, you follow the instructions of a trained spiritual practitioner who helps you direct your spiritual energy towards your Anahata centres.

It is a highly effective form of meditation that is perfect for releasing a heart chakra from its sinister captors.

Spreading kindness and love

Love is the mainspring of the Anahata. You can open your heart chakra, provided you somehow find a way to fill your spiritual being with prolific amounts of love.

Love intensifies when it is shared. Shower your pets with affection. Never let an opportunity to exhibit kindness slip away.

Do charity work, and try to understand the fierce mental battles of people who you meet on a daily basis.

People always leave signs when they’re depressed. Their sombre expressions just give them away.

Whenever you feel like someone close to you is going through a hard time, don’t just shun them.

Talk with them, and listen to what they have to say. Give them the opportunity to share their emotional burden. These little deeds of kindness can prove fundamental in an opening of the Anahata.

Power of Essential oils

Essential oils are miraculous volatile compounds that have become a popular medicinal product for opening chakra blockages.

Many practitioners have approved Their effectiveness. The use of essential oils during meditation can increase the efficiency of your meditative practice considerably.

Lavender oil, frankincense oil, tea tree oil are quite useful in opening up heart blockages.

Healthy diet

When you attain spiritual ascension, you become overly-concerned of your eating habits. You stay away from foods that make you fat and unhealthy.

Organic vegetables and fruits which have numerous health benefits, and enhance cardiovascular function have a wondrous capability to open the heart chakra.

They are regarded as miracle foods because of their healing effects on the mind and soul.

Following an organic diet comprised of leafy green vegetables and healthy foods can restore joy and happiness to your life, and consequently, open your heart chakra.