During the twin flame relationship, there is a period of separation known commonly as the “runner and chaser stage”. This period is one where the twin flames each take on a role – the twin flame chaser and the twin flame runner.

Most of us concentrate on the twin flame chaser, as most people who are already spiritual tend to be chasers.

But the feelings that the twin flame runner experiences are just as valid and just as important to know.

Contrary to popular belief, the twin flame runner does not get the easy end of the deal.

Twin Flame Runners Are Scared

Fear drives the twin flame runner to run, almost invariably.

That fear might have many sources.

They might not be spiritual in the same way as you are, not necessarily believing in the whole concept of twin flames. They might not have any spiritual beliefs at all and often don’t.

Which must be scary, if you think about it. After all, they are still experiencing all the life-changing effects of the twin flame relationship, yet they don’t fully understand or believe in the whole process.

For the twin flame runner, being presented with the spiritual truths of the universe in such an intense way is what sends them running in the first place.

Twin Flame Runners Experience Soul Shock

Soul shock is like heartbreak on steroids that you feel when your twin flame is separated from you. It is the feeling of having your soul ripped in two.

It is the feeling of emptiness when the void in your soul is not filled.

The twin flame chaser experiences soul shock, and that is well documented and commonly known. The chaser has a wealth of resources to help with soul shock.

On the other hand, the twin flame runner also experiences soul shock but is almost always caught entirely unaware of it. Lacking the spiritual aspects of the chaser, the runner is often left on their own to deal with these feelings.

Feelings that they don’t understand.

Twin Flame Runners Are Confused

And that is the key to understanding the twin flame runner experience.

The whole separation stage of the twin flame relationship is strange and alien to the twin flame runner.

They have never felt this way before, this intense level of pain and despair. And they don’t understand what is happening, why it is happening or how to stop it.

Once they do reach the realisation of the truth of the twin flame relationship, they quickly end the runner and chaser stage. All it takes for them is to learn the truth and believe it.

But as we all know, it isn’t that easy to change what you believe.

So perhaps we could all have a little more sympathy for the twin flame runner.

Their actions may not make sense to us, and it may feel to us like they are the cause of our pain, but in reality, they are just scared, confused, and struggling to come to terms with a new perspective.

Besides, they never run for too long. Their soul won’t allow it.