Twin flame denial is the stage in a twin flame relationship that commonly occurs when anyone or both of the twins are not spiritually awakened.

Twin flame relationship is hard to understand for many. It is the deep connection between mind and soul that’s never bearable.

Even though very few people are lucky enough to find their twin flame in their lives, unfortunately, many of them spend most of their present life away from their twin because of denial.

The denial stage comes before the runner stage. It is the stage which forces the runner to run away from the twin. Initially, the twin is unable to handle the intensity of the relationship.

Meeting your twin shakes your foundation. Everything the person knows before meeting them feels like a dream. Life seems unrealistic, and nothing makes sense anymore other than the twin.

But all these emotions and feelings are hard to digest for the runner.

The twin, who is denying the connection, doesn’t know how to react. For them, it is hard to cope.

They are unable to understand the energy that is present in a twin flame connection. In the denial stage, the to-be-runner is planning to get rid of you.

They will do anything to hide their emotions. Things are getting even more troublesome for them because the more they push you away, the closer they feel.

If they ultimately deny your presence, then they will run, and your relationship will enter the runner-chase stage.

As an Awakened Twin, Here Are The Steps To Take In The Twin Flame Denial Stage:

The denial stage is very hard for the awakened twin – they are the one who can recognise the true essence of the twin flame relationship.

When a twin is preparing to run away, what can one do? The best thing to do is to let go! Because your chasing will only confuse them even further.

Their mind is in the state of war, and if you are telling them what you feel, you will only make things worse.

The twin in the denial stage already knows what you are going through because they are feeling the same.

They know how important they are to you, but doesn’t want to accept it. In reality, the denying twin is only suppressing their emotions.

The spark is there; the love is there, the only problem is the acceptance.

You should know that your twin flame cannot run away from you, no matter how hard they try.

Sooner or later, a time will come when they will understand who you are and why you are important.

Their soul will lead them back to you, and when that time comes, there will be no running or chasing.

Everything will be the way you want it. Until that time arrives, all you can do is wait patiently and groom yourself so your twin could be proud of you when you both unite!

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