The twin flame relationship is meant to last forever, but only when you are happy. If it causes you any stress and trouble, then, leaving that relationship right away is highly recommended. There are five signs which show that now it is the time to break up with your twin flame.

Signs That Lead to Twin Flame Break Up:

Here are five signs that point to a twin flame break up. Go for the breakup when your twin flame is:

Addictive towards any bad habit:

Addiction of any kind is dangerous for the person, and when that individual gets into the relationship, life becomes a nightmare for both. If your twin flame is addictive towards alcohol, gambling, drugs etc., it is vital for your betterment that you break up.


Verbal, mental, physical or sexual, all kinds of abusive behaviours lead to destruction only. If you want to prosper in life, don’t become a victim in the name of love. If the person is truly your twin flame, he will not want to hurt you at all.

You have to report anyone instantly if they give you a threat of any kind, the same goes for a twin flame. Many people are abusive and blackmail you when you say you’ll leave. You should not accept that type of behaviour; you are a worthy human being. If things haven’t worked out with your twin flame, it’s alright. You will get a soulmate who will care for you.

Too Busy for You

A Relationship is like a cycle that requires two wheels to run. To continue your relationship, it is important that your counterpart should give you time as well. If they are not giving you enough time and show that they don’t even have a moment to text you once, that means that they don’t want to continue the relationship and you should stop running after them.

Mentally Ill

Some people are mentally ill and cannot survive any relationship. They don’t care for others and don’t want others to care for them. They are highly irresponsible and don’t show any positive attitude towards life. If your soul feels connected to any person of such kind, you should change your mind and seek love somewhere else.

Reliant on your Money

You work hard from morning to evening for fulfilling your own needs, not others. Relying on your partner for money and not putting any effort in yourself is a bad habit. If your partner is doing this, then a twin flame break up is your fate.

In any relationship, if your partner is not giving you time or making your life miserable in any way, then you should not waste your life with that person. Being with the twin flame may seem like a world to you, but that’s not the end of your life; you worth better than that.

Twin flame breakup is not something new. Every individual who is sensible enough knows that a twin flame or any other partner should not try and take your right of being an independent and happy adult.