Feeling someone’s energy from a distance is a day-to-day reality for the people who are sensitive on a soul level.

During their regular daily routine, they start to feel a sudden rush of happiness or unknown stream of sadness.

Most of the time, these emotions are not indeed theirs, but they are picking up someone else’s feelings.

Clairsentience and Empathy

In simple words, the translation of the word clairsentience is clear feeling.

It is the most basic intuitive skill that allows a person to precisely sense the feelings of other people.

Empathy is the highest form of this sensing. An empath has the power to feel others emotions.

Clairsentience or empathy is a feeling that is present in every person, but the difference is some people are more sensitive and have increased power.

It is same as our other five senses, some people have better abilities at seeing, while some have better hearing.

But the problem with this sense is that people often don’t understand what they are feeling and why are they feeling it.

Telesomatic Event

Telesomatic is a word that is derived from the Greek word meaning “the distant body”. Clairsentience ability lets a person experience a telesomatic event.

According to many spiritual healers, these events are mainly positive and allow a person to react in time.

For instance, if a mother has a feeling that something is happening to her child, she can instantly respond to help her child.

Feeling someone’s energy from a distance is mostly about the bond present between two people.

The stronger the bond will be, the more you can feel the other person.

The relationship between a mother and a child, a husband and a wife, two lovers, two sisters, two brothers, brother and a sister and alike relationships.

But it’s not that, some people are even able to sense the emotions and energy of their co-workers, neighbours, and even a person who is passing by.

Feeling someone’s energy from a distance: What to Expect?

This energy sensing is not always positive. Sometimes, you may feel depressed because of others, sick and even in danger.

Whenever your mood swings rapidly, try to think if it is something because of your own life.

If the answer is no, then you have caught someone else’s energy.

When you analyse the situation, try to focus on whom you are getting this energy signals and try to act as soon as you can, especially if it is an alarming feeling.

With little effort, you can quickly go to the source.

Because when your loved one is in danger, and you act immediately, you could even save a life.

When the connection is established, you could always send healing energy or compassion to your loved ones when they are in pain.

But it is important not to suffer just because you can feel someone’s emotions, make yourself stronger to combat any negative energy.