We can manipulate what we say because we don’t always speak exactly what we think. However, telepathic communication is the purest and direct form of communication. It is the sending and receiving of ideas, memories and emotions, without using words. In telepathic communication, the truth remains intact; no decrypting of the message is required.

There has been a scientific evidence of telepathy. One example is the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) program from the Princeton University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science.

The program has completed its thirty years, and still, their researchers are busy in finding the connection of human consciousness with sensitive processes, system and physical devices. This program has gotten great success in this regards.

Soulmates have a deeper bond of love and attraction. They accept each other on a spiritual level as well. Their conscious mind plus unconscious mind, both found this connection helpful in attaining their higher forms. Telepathy in soulmates is real if we see it spiritually as well as scientifically. There’s an increased degree of chance that one person can send or receive the information in the form of telepathic signals when there is some association.

Many times soulmates are connecting telepathically without knowing. But most telepathic soulmates have mastered this art with time and know what they are doing. Here are some examples of the telepathic communication between soulmates:

Telepathy Soulmates: Knowing Without Telling:

The connection tells you what your soulmate is doing even when you are away. The soulmate knows when you are happy or sad even when you are miles apart. When you two are together, you can sense each other’s’ mood in a glimpse.

Having Same Thought at a Time

Many times, it feels like that you are one soul in two bodies. When you are about to say something, other will automatically know. It seems like your other half has stolen your words.

No Need To Use Words

You can speak without words. Instant telepathy is your primary mode of communication. You can sit with your soulmate for hours without saying a word, and know what is going in the mind of the other. For this advanced communication, it is compulsory that you and your soulmate have spent some good years together.

Telepathy Soulmates: Dream State Communication:

Telepathic soulmates see shared dreams most of the time. When their unconscious attains the same connection as their conscious mind, they are together in their dreams even.

Having Similar Taste and Interest:

Telepathy Soulmates: Telepathic communication between soulmates is not confined to conveying the single message at a time. It can be more than that. When there is continuous mind to mind connection, there’s a change in the interest and ideas as well. Somehow, soulmates acquire a similar taste and interest over time. Like you two would like to read the same book, or you both crave for the same food at the same time.

Telepathic soulmates should enjoy this beautiful bond. Some may think that it crosses their safety line, but if you have any relation like that, you are lucky. Because most of the people long for what you have and never get it for their whole life.

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