If there’s one misconception that television and movies have spread the furthest, it’s their idea of soulmates.

Soulmates are a genuine phenomenon, but contrary to popular belief not all soulmates are intended to be romantic partners.

A family member can be your soulmate. It is a widespread situation, as most people have a family – and one we can help you with!

Clearing Up The Misconceptions

Let’s clear some things up about soulmates.

Firstly, you have more than one.

Throughout your life you will meet soulmates that depend on the lessons you will have needed to learn and the contents of your shared soul contracts.

Secondly, not all soulmates are intended to be romantic partners.

While it is true that most soulmate relationships are at least partly romantic, this is merely a side effect of the deep connection that soulmates share.

It isn’t intrinsic to the soulmate relationship; it is just the natural progression of things in most cases.

Lastly, soulmates are not forever. Soulmates exist to teach you about yourself, providing the personal and spiritual growth that enrich your life.

How Family Members Become Soulmates

To understand why your family member might be your soulmate, it helps to know the collective name for all of your soulmates – your soul family.

Your soul family is made up of all the souls you have travelled with throughout your entire soul journey.

You travel through your reincarnations with this family, and it makes sense that at least one of your soulmates would be in your immediate family.

In that way, they can always be close by, helping you to develop on a personal and spiritual level.

It is essential, as so much of who you are as an adult is moulded by your childhood experiences, which you mostly shared with your family.

These early experiences set the stage for the challenges you will face in your life, so having a soulmate close by is valuable.

Ways Soulmates Manifest As Family

The most common type of family soulmate relationship is between siblings, but this isn’t always the case.

Depending on your soul’s unique journey, your soulmate might incarnate as a parent, an uncle or even a cousin or grandparent.

Sibling soulmate relationships are often about encouragement and confidence, helping to build your self-esteem by giving you something akin to a twin.

However, it might just as well be that your soulmate sibling challenges you, strengthening you in that way.

Other family soulmate relationships tend to involve an older family member and tend to be more of a mentor relationship.

This is an interesting one as in your younger years you may idolise them, but as you get older, you learn that nobody is perfect and everybody has flaws.

The reasons for your family soulmate relationship might be discovered through focused, mutual meditation, connecting with the soul and finding your path.

But you can take it on faith that your soulmate – whether a family member or not – exists to help you to improve as a person and as a soul.

Just remember, you are also there to do the same for them!

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