Love; love is something entirely divine but not all of us experience the divine and spiritual side of love which we all crave.

It is common knowledge that most relationships don’t last, and they don’t continue because the love, the divine love you wanted to share wasn’t present. You want to connect with your other half in a heavenly way.

You want to have an otherworldly connection with them. That is what a Twin Flame relationship requires.

There are a couple of theories as to how the concept of twin flame may have surfaced; one of them is from Plato’s dialogue in which he said that human beings were once one being who had two faces, four arms, four legs but were separated by the gods in fear of being overpowered.

So, now we all try to find our other half, in other words, our twin flames. Another theory proposes that twin flames are from the same soul tribe. They are two pieces of the same puzzle.

They might not realise that but time can reveal the truth about them. All they need is patience and perseverance.

Similarities Twin flames share

  • You have the same values, desires, beliefs and dreams
  • Your twin flame knows everything about you
  • You believe that time doesn’t exist as a sensation in your relationship
  • You balance everything with each other.
  • You think you are both meant to be.
  • You still forgive each other even if you had a huge fight, no matter how many times it happens.

Stages of Loving a twin flame

There are certain stages of loving your twin flame.

In the first stage you prepare yourself for your twin flame; a person who is just for you. They are out there, also waiting to be reunited with you. In this stage, you go on a journey to ready yourself for them.

In the second, you realise your twin flame is an actual person, a real life, breathing human, and you might find that out by meeting them or seeing them in a dream.

You will know at your first meeting that you’re destined to be with them forever.

In the third stage, you fall in love, and not the kind of love experienced by the majority of people – but the type of love you never thought was out there – something so unreal that you never knew existed, something which can be described through the words “truly, madly, deeply”.

In this stage, it feels unreal, like a fairy tale, something out of a perfect book about a perfect relationship

In the fourth stage, things start to get a bit bad; your ego emerges, maybe even some fears and insecurities, but you need to get over these to mature.

Sometimes, at this stage, you leave the relationship in one way or the other, either emotionally or physically. The one who isn’t so mature and emotionally balanced will run while the other chases after them.

In the last stage, issues are resolved, and everything returns to normalcy. Twin flames find eternal bliss when their spiritual realms align.