Do you feel as if you can communicate with a close friend without verbal confrontation? Sometimes, you connect with friends at such a deep level that the need to communicate with them through words diminishes.

Your mental frequencies align, and you can just pass on messages between each other through psychic or telepathic powers.

A telepathic connection isn’t just limited to soul-mates and Twin flames; it’s equally plausible in friends who share a long history of love and closeness.

Sometimes, this unspoken attraction between friends can even develop on the first meet. If they’re spiritually vibrating at the same level, they’ll form an instant cerebral link.

Here are signs of an unspoken attraction between friends.

Eye-contact becomes easy

If you’re a reserved and an anti-social person, you’ll find it hard to make eye-contact with others around you.

However, this social limitation will be overcome, when you meet someone who resonates with you on a spiritual level.

As your friendship grows, you won’t feel awkward or unnerved, when making eye-contact. You’ll feel comfortable, even when you’re silent.

You won’t feel the need to impress or entertain them to keep them interested in you. An air of nonchalance will settle on your face.

You become more expressive

When we’re comfortable with a friend, we exhibit playful and humorous behaviour without even trying.

Their presence stimulates us to become expressive. We don’t baulk at lame humour or awkward comments when we’re around them.

Our originality gleams in their face, and we feel suspiciously comfortable in our skins. This helps us to establish and strengthen bonds with them.

Silence can speak volumes

If you’re undergoing a rough patch in your life, and a friend’s presence instantly makes you feel better, then you two share an unspoken attraction that can’t be disregarded.

Sometimes, when we’re angry or mentally distraught, a friend comes along who pacifies us effortlessly. We just have to spend a little time with them to recharge or rehabilitate.

We’re not sure how it works, but we always reach out to them in time of need, nonetheless.

Irresistibly drawn towards each other

If you can’t resist being around a friend, then you’re hopelessly attracted to them. You’re hesitant to accept it, but you can’t deny its overwhelming presence.

Whenever you’re in a fight with them, you can’t wait to patch things up just to listen to their voice once more.

That is why, most times, friends who share a long history have short-lived fights. Sometimes, they even patch up without exchanging apologies.

An unspoken attraction between friends isn’t sexual in nature. It is the kind of appeal you feel around someone you like spending time with or confiding in.

It mostly develops between people of the same sex. When you’re in a long-term friendship with a friend of the opposite sex, there is a high chance of this friendship transforming into a romantic relationship.

In such cases, you spiritually align with them, and this spirituality sparks up your insides, drawing you towards each other in an irresistibly sexual manner.

Unspoken attraction between friends is a special gift, and it demands further strengthening through mutual love and care.