We have a lot in common with our soulmate – that is the nature of the relationship. Our souls are closely related, meaning that our core vibrational energies are more attuned than with most others.

It means that we share a strong emotional and spiritual connection with our soulmate, which imbues the relationship with emotional and spiritual chemistry.

But this is not the only chemistry we share with our soulmate. We also share physical chemistry – at least in most cases.

But what signs of soulmate physical chemistry should we look out for in someone?

Lots Of Touching

When we have strong physical chemistry with our soulmate, we tend to engage in what has been termed “conversational contact”.

We have the urge to touch each other as we speak, maybe a light tap on the leg, an arm around the shoulder, or even offering to move hair out of the other’s face.

From a distance, this might look inconsequential, but it is, in reality, a definite sign of physical chemistry – but only if it is mutual!

It is important to note that “lots” is relative here. Some people are naturally averse to physical contact, so a little of it is more than enough to signal physical chemistry.

The important thing is that both parties are exhibiting the same desire for physical contact.


Mirroring is a social behaviour where we unconsciously copy the motions and physical mannerisms of another person. Mirroring is a reliable indicator of physical chemistry between soulmates.

What you can see between them is as an example of vibrational energies attuning to each other.

If mirroring comes naturally and without conscious effort, then our physicality is already well attuned to our soulmate’s.

Open Body Language

An open or welcoming stance is also a healthy sign of soulmate physical chemistry.

Examples of this kind of position are open arms and legs, the whole or majority of the body facing towards us, and a tendency to look at us even when addressing a group of people.

We can see this as an unconscious invitation to physical contact. They want us to be near them, and their body is letting us know that.

If both parties exhibit this behaviour, it is a sure sign of physical chemistry.

Sexual Attraction

Last, but certainly not least, is sexual attraction.

This is slightly, subtly different to physical chemistry as it is possible to share physical chemistry with someone who we are not sexually attracted to – and there is no guarantee that our soulmate is supposed to be a sexual partner.

But sexual attraction itself is a dead giveaway for physical chemistry.

And if the relationship reaches the point where there is a sexual component to it, we will know for sure whether we share physical chemistry with our soulmate.

We will know this through intuition. Either it feels right, or it feels wrong – this is a product of the soulmate contract, the predefined agreement our souls made with each other as to the nature of the relationship we would have on Earth.

So those are the signs. But, honestly, physical chemistry should be less important to us than spiritual and emotional chemistry – we should use physical chemistry primarily as a guiding hand, to tell us which way a relationship is supposed to go.