Dreaming is an incredibly spiritual experience that we all have an intimate knowledge of.

By that, we mean that every one of us has experienced dreaming and the weird and wonderful world that lies on the flip side of consciousness.

But dreaming is more than a screensaver for the mind. Dreaming is our primary gateway to the astral plane, where we can travel using astral projection as our spiritual selves.

It is on the astral plane, during sleep, that people most often meet their twin flame for the first time.

The spiritual connection between us manifested as a silver cord on the astral plane, allows us to reunite with our twin flame far more efficiently than we might be able to on the physical plane – especially if geography is a primary obstacle to the relationship.

A Place For The Spirit

When we enter a dream state, our spiritual selves (sometimes referred to as the subtle body, from eastern traditions) project on to the astral plane and seek out opportunities for growth and discovery.

Often, we seek out the same places as our twin flame. The reasons for this will become apparent.

Our twin flame is our partner along with our spiritual journey, not just in this lifetime but all previous and subsequent too.

We are mirror souls, and spiritual progress is most easily and profitably attained while in contact with our twin flame.

The twin souls yearn for each other as they grow in their desire for spiritual ascension. It pulls us together on the physical plane, but it does so far more efficiently on the astral plane.

So it is very common for us to get a sense that we are with our twin flame during our dreams.

Soul Preparation

This familiarisation with our twin flame on the astral plane serves an essential purpose beyond spiritual progress – it helps us to learn about our twin flame and the journey and goals that we share.

Familiarity is vital as at some point we are going to meet our twin flame and, although there are a great many signs and symptoms of a twin flame meeting, we might not immediately know our twin flame unless we are already familiar with their energies.

This is the primary reason why we meet with our twin flame first through dreams before meeting them on the physical plane.

All twin flames need to progress adequately far along their spiritual journey before they are ready to meet their twin flame on the physical plane, but meeting on the astral plane lays the groundwork for the karmic lessons we will learn later down the road.

So when we are feeling the presence of our twin flame in dreams, we should pay attention.

Not only will there be spiritual lessons that we can learn from these experiences, but it may be a sign that our meeting with our twin flame is growing near.