Merkaba has long been considered as a medium of ascension. People have used its powers to raise their vibrations since ancient times.

However, this is just a limited use of its capabilities. To harness its true powers, one must first understand its real meaning.

Merkaba, in actuality, is everything that surrounds us. It is an integral element of the energy that envelops the universe.

Merkaba is a combination of three different words. Mer is a light that rotates within itself; Kameant refers to the human spirit and Ba alludes to the physical human form.

Egyptians believed that Merkaba is a rotating light that carries the human body and spirit from one plane to another.

There are many interpretations of Merkaba meaning, but this is the most widely accepted one.

Merkaba fractures materialistic aspects of the human mind to make way or perpetual light in an attempt to ascend a human to a higher transformational dimension.

Merkaba Meaning: A Teleportation Device

It carries within it an extraordinary capacity for spiritual transformation.

A Merkaba star is employed by Seekers and Real Walkers to teleport into astral dimensions to connect to a higher consciousness.

Merkaba is an excellent tool for self-healing. Whenever a person is drowning in grief, self-hatred or insecurity, he can raise his vibration through Merkaba.

The Merkaba meaning is eternal oneness and light. It plays the role of a healer and a guide in our lives.

It is also a nexus between continuous light an unconditional love.

It is a technique that has been employed since the beginning of times to fill ones spiritual fields with unceasing light.

Most of us corrupt our spiritualties by entrapping ourselves in materialism and decadence.

Darkness shrouds our spiritual realms blinding us from the realities of our lives.

Third-dimensional Plane

Humans reside in the third-dimensional plane, also colloquially known as the Physical Plane. In this plane, they ignore entirely their spirituality an extravagantly indulge in worldly temptations.

That is why existentialism diseases most of us. We feed our bodies but forget to feed our souls.

The universal source is merciful enough to devise a rescue plan for us. Nothing in this world is coincidental.

The divine source always has a meaningful motive behind its every move. Merkaba crosses the path of those who are in dire need of its powers.

It saves them from their waning emotional and spiritual states by raising their vibration.

It provides them with a pathway to a fifth dimension where they don’t exist as matter, but as love and light.

The fifth dimension is unlocked by only those who follow their intuition with unwavering adherence. It is not for cynics and sceptics.

To attain wisdom, one must first learn to be willing to accept it. Ignorance and apathy only serve to fixate one of their lies.

The true Merkaba meaning will never be revealed to people whose minds are plagued with disbelief.

There are a number of techniques that are used to activate Merkaba. Spiritual masters and spiritually enlightened individuals teach them.

I hope the Merkaba meaning is crystal clear to you now.

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