Red Aura Meaning

Auras exist as coloured electromagnetic fields around all living beings. They come in many different colours, and through the hue and intensity of these colours, we can see the energies, personality and mood of the possessor.

Every one of us has these auras and, with some work, we can even train ourselves to see them.

However, this is a more natural and more natural task for a keen psychic who can tell us more about our aura than we might be able to discern alone.

Red Aura

Possessors of a red aura are highly energetic and adventurous people.

They often find themselves throwing caution to the wind and jumping into new experiences and situation without too much thought of the consequences.

Thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies often have a predominantly red aura.

Those with a red aura also tend to be adventurous with food, sex and travel.

It is not unusual for someone with a red aura to have a sexual partner in every city they go to, though due to the fact that they rarely sit still for a minute they may struggle to settle down into a loving relationship.

They also tend to be hot-headed. The slightest thing can set off someone with a red aura, their short fuse easily sparked.

However, though their temper burns hot, it quickly fades, and they are fast to forgive.

What Does a Red Aura Mean?

A red aura can also signify someone who is strong and robust, both physically and mentally.

They tend to excel at sports and other physical activities and like to keep their bodies in top condition – through their active lifestyle tends to take care of that for them.

The auras of rock climbers, mountaineers and professional athletes are often predominantly red.

Boredom is the bane of the possessor of a red aura. Projects can be left unfinished when the initial excitement fades, meaning that the person with a red aura must make a conscious effort to remain focused on a task to stop themselves from skipping on to the next thing and leaving behind a path of scattered, half done projects.

This attitude also extends to relationships. A relationship with someone possessing a red aura will likely be intense, exciting and short lived.

These relationships will probably end abruptly, though the red aura individual tends to be forthright, honest and straightforward in all aspects of life, so they are unlikely to cheat on even short-term partners.

Read Aura People

Most of all, the person with a red aura is driven by their competitive nature.

They need to top the leaderboard, be better than everyone else at everything they turn their hand to and seek out leadership roles and positions of authority.

They are equipped with the tools to succeed as an individual, but their competitive nature often leaves them at a disadvantage when they must work as part of a team.