We all encounter all kinds of people every day, whether they are friends, family, work colleagues or strangers on the street.

And each person has their own aura and energy that they put out into the world. Some of those energies are going to be negative.

It is imperative that we learn to shield ourselves from that negative energy. Every interaction we have, no matter how short or seemingly inconsequential, has the potential to affect our energies.

So how can we shield ourselves from negative energy?

Close Your Aura

The first thing we must learn to do is close our aura. Our aura can stretch out up to six feet from the body – in all directions.

With the auras of others doing the same, even walking past someone who we have never met can transfer their negative energies on to us.

Closing our aura allows us to stop those negative energies penetrating our energies.

It is a simple task. Simply take a breath, press your palms together in front of your chest and visualise your aura.

Then will it inwards until it reaches only a small distance from the surface of your skin. The first time we attempt this, it might not come so easily, but with practice, it will become second nature.

Avoid Negative Energies

Even with a closed aura, we must be careful what energies we expose ourselves to.

Toxic work environments, friendships with negative energy and even family situations filled with negativity should all be avoided if at all possible.

Do Not Engage

Unfortunately, not all adverse energy situations can be avoided. When faced with a confrontation where someone is unloading their negative energy on us, we must resist the urge to engage with it.

When someone shouts at us, we remain calm. When someone insults or degrades us, we ask them to stop.

And when someone persists in this damaging and abusive behaviour, we leave the situation. Their negative energies are not our burdens to bear.

Self Care

An essential part of keeping ourselves clear of negative energy (and resilient to it) is to exercise, maintain proper hygiene and to practice meditation and mindfulness.

We might also use meditation, aromatherapy and healing crystals to ensure our chakras are in balance.

A healthy body and mind have a natural resilience to negative energy.

Energy Shield

There will be times when we simply must enter a situation that we know will be filled with negative energy. In these circumstances, we may have to resort to putting up an energy shield.

One technique for doing this is to use the power of will to create a barrier around us that will prevent external energies from penetrating ours.

To do this, we envision a purple sphere expanding from within us and will it outwards until it entirely surrounds us and our aura.

To help with this process, we might seek an expert in this kind of technique.

Aside from expert guidance and training, we might utilise mantras intended to foster resilience and protection from external energies.