Many obstacles can prevent a soulmate relationship from being what we want it to be. Age gaps, geography, sexuality – these are just a few to start.

Many times these obstacles are clearly to be overcome, even if they are not easy to get past.

But some obstacles are a little more tricky. And they do not get trickier than when we meet our soulmate, and they are already married!

This is much trickier than most obstacles because not only do we have to deal with the problem of our soulmate being with someone else, but we also have to consider the feelings of our soulmate’s current spouse.

Of course, what you do is up to you. But if you will indulge us, we have some guidance to share with you that might help in this situation.

Not Your Only Shot

The first thing to remember is that, although soulmates are rare, we are not limited to just one soulmate in this life. We may, in fact, encounter many throughout our lives.

So while right now it might seem like this person is our only shot at love in this life, that simply is not the case.

We can experience love with all sorts of people, soulmate or not, and we may well run into another soulmate somewhere down the road.

Of course, this requires a little faith in the machinations of the universe. Faith that not all of us have, unfortunately.

Affairs & Promises

So if we reach the decision that we want to be with this person, that we do not want to move on and find someone a little more available, we should now consider our options.

We could, if they are willing, enter into an affair with our married soulmate. This route is fraught with danger and heartbreak.

We may think that we are okay with this, that as long as it stays secret, then it will not do any harm.

But affairs rarely remain secret for long and if there are children involved we could end up doing untold damage to the lives of our married soulmate’s family. Not to mention setting us back on our spiritual journey.

If you can be convinced of anything today, please let it be that you should not enter into an affair with a married person. It never ends well.

The other option is to wait for our soulmate to become available. This might also be painful, but it is only painful in the sense that we grow impatient in waiting.

But wait we should – after all if it was meant to be then it will be eventually.

But we should be wary of any promises our married soulmate makes about splitting from their spouse or leaving their family for us – especially if we are entering into an affair with them.

Often these promises are made from a place of desperation rather than sincerity and are never delivered on.

Most of all, though, we should listen to our heart and our conscience. We need to decide what is right for us and what we can live with. We can only decide that for ourselves.

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