In numerology, individual numbers and number sequences hold meanings and signs relevant to our lives.

In fact, the more spiritual an experience will be, the more likely it will be foretold in number synchronicities in our daily lives.

The twin flame relationship is perhaps the epitome of spiritual connections that we as human beings might expect to experience.

It makes sense then that we often see numerological synchronicity in our lives related to the twin flame relationship.

But what does the number 55 mean in relation to our twin flame relationship?

Romance On The Cards

Well, the number 55 is strongly linked with romance.

When we see frequent and unexplained appearances of the number 55 as we go about our day, we can take that as a sign that we are about to experience a romantic event.

If we are single, this can mean only one thing –  we are about to enter into a romantic relationship.

Twin Flame Meeting

This romantic meeting, because of the spiritual importance of both synchronicity and the twin flame relationship, is likely to be with our twin flame.

Another sign that this might be on the horizon is synchronicity with the number 11 or number string 11:11.

55 also represents change, so it is very likely that if we meet our twin flame very soon, it may be a particularly transformative experience for us.

Prepare for emotional and spiritual upheaval, as well as opportunities for growth.

Relationship Transformation

This representation of change is particularly important if we are already in a twin flame relationship.

It can forewarn us of a period of transition, upheaval and growth within our twin flame relationship and lets us know – in no uncertain terms – that it is time for things to change.

Maybe we are stuck in a rut. The excitement is gone, the daily grind is starting to get us down, perhaps we have stopped being intimate.

This kind of environment is not good for the soul nor spiritual growth, and our spirit guides are warning us of this.

If we have been thinking of making a change in our twin flame relationship, this would be the time to do it.

The universe is giving you the green light to make those changes and will support your efforts to do so.

This is specially a time for couple’s meditation, where twin flames can consider their future together and the path to enlightenment and ascension.

The End Of The Old

Lastly, we may be in a relationship – but not with our twin flame. The emergence of the number 55 in a case like this is telling us that something needs to change.

Maybe the relationship is bad for us. Perhaps we need to break up with them. Or maybe we need to fix things for any children involved.

Or maybe we are about to meet our twin flame, who will signal the end of the old relationships we have grown out of spiritually and the beginning of a whole new set of more rewarding, more fulfilling, more spiritual relationships.

Whatever the case is – if you have seen 55 a lot recently, you best prepare yourself for change.