We’ve all heard the popular expression: “Two bodies, one soul” and I’m sure many of us have disregarded it as something that only happens in movies. I mean, could there possibly ever be a person who’s the exact mirror image of our feelings, emotions and just genuinely understands us?

Spiritualists claim that there is indeed such a person for everyone out there. The chances of encountering them are high. In fact, we are extremely likely to meet our twin flame within the first few decades of our lives.

To better understand the concept of a twin flame, we need to compare it with something we have a more clear understanding of – soul mates. Firstly no, they are in no way the same. A soulmate is someone you love in spite of whatever little differences the two of you may have.

A twin flame doesn’t have any differences.

Accepting someone else is easier than accepting your own self in spite of your flaws. Relationships with twin flames are heated, to say the least. Arguments quickly escalate, and fights erupt over the tiniest of things, yet at the end of the day, you’ll always find yourselves yearning for that person.

They get you.

They know what you’re going through without you having to explain it to them. You two are the literal definition of yin-yang. People are more likely to give up their relationship with their twin flame thinking of it as a ticking time bomb. However, that isn’t necessarily the case. Relationships go up and down in any scenario. This too can go up if you try.

How To Communicate With Your Twin Flame

Communication is key to sustaining any relationship.

Your twin flame is someone you can discuss anything with. They’ve probably already dealt with it as well or are going through something similar. The problem here is that your twin flame isn’t always going to be at the same point in life as you.

They’re your teachers.

They show you a side of yourself that you have yet to discover. Hearing someone elaborate on your problems and giving obvious solutions isn’t desirable at any time. However, you can’t lash out at them because of it.

It’s an experience for you which only they can help you with.

In a twin flame relationship, partners acquire different roles. One partner is leaning more towards the calm and collected side whereas the other is more active and aggressive. Now, you’re still the same, just dominating different personalities.

You’re bound to see your worst in them sometimes, and you need to realise that it’s alright. This isn’t something you should hide away from. Accept it. Accept that they have faults. Communicate a solution with them and then apply it to your lives to remove that negativity.

There are lots of other ways in which your communication with your twin flame can sustain your relationship, such as; allowing yourself to be vulnerable around them and revealing your innermost thoughts, sharing unrealistic dreams that you thought no one would ever understand, expressing odd fascinations and tendencies.

If you’ve found your twin flame at the perfect time, you’ve found your other half. Literally.