Every person in their life has to rebel against the internal and external forces of nature that stop them from realizing their spiritual purpose.

The battle between darkness and light is consistently taking place within us. Our minds and hearts are a war-zone, without us realising it.

The moment we join hands with the forces of light − darkness takes notice and assembles its forces against our just cause.

For perpetual light to seep into our beings, we must confront our inner demons and subdue them, if we wish to march on towards spiritual enlightenment.

This darkness is a part of us, and it is pleading for freedom. It wants to be liberated from its pain. We must do everything in our power to win this fight.

This darkness is not only internal, but also external. We live in an environment that corrupts our senses and sways us away from our true nature.

To regain our pure nature, we must strengthen our resolve and combat these mystical forces of darkness.  That’s what makes us warriors of light.

Our conscious has been tainted with malicious intent, and that is why whenever we try to move towards spiritual ascension, our mind places obstacles in our path to halt our progress.

It ceases us from realising our real purpose and puts us back into a state of oblivion.

Warriors of light are the torchbearers of truth. They never resort to deceiving ways because they know that taking the help of darkness to achieve success will do them more harm than good.

Even if honesty lays waste to their lives, they still keep walking on the right path without hesitation. They understand that the truth can exorcise the fear residing inside of us.

Warriors of light are blessed with an indomitable tenacity. Defeating their resolve and determination is close to impossible. Life might dampen their spirits gazillions of times, but they never cave in.

They know that the cause they’re fighting for is much bigger than their interests. They have a deep-rooted selflessness that fuels their struggle and propels them towards spiritual illumination.

A warrior of light doesn’t follow the popular opinion. They always follow their hearts and their prophetic intuition. If they think something is right, they will defy everyone to advocate it.

They won’t hesitate or even stutter when it comes to espousing his beliefs.

Love is the most essential attribute of the warrior of light. They have infinite amounts of love stored in their spiritual being.

Even if they are hated their entire life, they channel all that pain to relate to others and to heal them.

Most people don’t choose their battles. But, when it comes to a spirit warrior, they always pick their own fights.

They still involve themselves in causes worth fighting for. They never waste their time in pursuing meaningless worldly objectives.

A warrior of light is not out for blood. Their only goal is to spread love and fight the corrupt forces of evil.