There’s no denying that cats have a special place in our hearts, but did you know that the cat is the only animal whose fur colour is attached to its metaphysical meaning?

The dark grey cat has dark grey fur all over, usually with no socks although white socks are possible. To some eyes, they might appear to have a blue hue.

If you have a dark grey cat as a pet or spirit animal totem, then we have some metaphysical meanings for you to chew on.

Dark Grey Cats Bring Wisdom And Patience

Dark grey cats are old souls, representing wisdom and patience and often bringing these virtues to their owners.

They show us through their demeanour the value and wisdom in being patient. Sometimes the quickest way to achieve something is by slowing down. In some circles, this is expressed as “working smart, not working hard”, though the emphasis is more on thoughtfulness than cunning or ingenuity.

The meaning is more along the lines of: “The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.”

The modern world can be very fast-paced, and we as human beings are not well cut out for this pace of living. Dark grey cats help to slow us down for a while, which allows us to collect our thoughts and plan for the future.

This need to unwind and slow down is starting to be addressed by society at large, which is why some countries are considering a four day work week. It turns that out that the symbolism of the dark grey cat was right all along – slowing down can increase productivity!

During times of difficulty, a dark grey cat can help us to take a step back and consider the problem from a distance. A lot of the time our problems are made worse by our attitude to them, so taking a step back and removing our emotions from the equation can help us to see our most exact path.

Pet dark grey cats appear to us to have a piercing look about their face when we are feeling our worst. In Nordic mythology, people say that a cat could see a soul when it was suffering. We can see them noticing our pain and discomfort. Their message is clear, though:

“Take a breather, think it through. All will become clear.”

Spirit Animal Totem: Dark Grey Cat

Having the dark grey cat as your spirit animal brings you the wisdom of living life at a slower, more thoughtful and conscientious place.

With an emphasis on wisdom and patience, the power you draw from your totem helps you to value rest and peace as much as you appreciate work and productivity.

The dark grey cat totem also equips you with the tools you need to be patient when waiting for opportunities to come your way. You also need to be ready to decide what to do when that opportunity does arise. The cat may wait for hours for a mouse, but when it appears, it is always ready to pounce.