Spiritual awakening is a strange process. We experience all kinds of things, from raising vibrations and energetic peaking to seeing things and hearing voices.

Knowing that you’re not going through this alone should help you to deal with this.

But better than that, knowing why you hear voices during spiritual awakening will help you utilise this part of your journey for the good of yourself and those around you.

Is It Common To Hear Voices During Spiritual Awakening?

It is normal to hear voices during spiritual awakening.

It is a very energetic time for you. Pure energy from Source is surging into your chakra system and causing changes within your mind, soul and body.

It’s almost chaotic.

Because of all the chaos going on inside you, you might start to think that you’re going crazy. Add in these voices, and you could be forgiven for thinking you were entering psychosis.

But as long as those voices aren’t telling you to do things that aren’t acceptable, then this is just a normal part of spiritual awakening.

You might even want to listen to those voices.

What Is The Purpose Of Hearing Voices?

Those voices that you are hearing are different parts of yourself.

During normal times, these parts of you are suppressed. This is because it is tiring enough being one person, but being as many parts as of yourself eight times at once is hard to handle.

During spiritual awakening you have a lot less control over this, so you can start to hear their voices.

These voices can alert you to problems that need your attention. They can tell you things that you don’t know about yourself.

But before you can fully awaken, you need to silence these voices.

Silencing Voices In Spiritual Awakening

The thing is, those voices have always been there.

They are those nagging insecurities, hidden anxieties and intrusive thoughts that we all have in our heads.

They have just gotten louder due to the excess energy in your system.

Some of them have outlived their usefulness. Your goal during spiritual awakening is to make that the case for all of the other internal voices of you.

In practical terms, what that means is addressing the root cause of the problem behind these voices. Address them head-on, acknowledging what they say and reacting rationally to them.

Once a voice has outlived its usefulness and no longer serves any purpose for you, cast it out.

Will The Voices Go Away?

Because they are a part of you and have always been there, they will never go entirely.

But you will cease to hear them as you do now. These voice parts of you will only be present as the anxieties and insecurities they were before your spiritual awakening.

However, by developing your clairaudience abilities, you can hold on to these voices and put them to use. For those who have a particular talent in this area, spiritual awakening is usually the time this is available to you.

If they don’t go away, it might be time to see a medical professional. Sometimes our problems are medical, rather than metaphysical.

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