Cleansing negative energy is a vital part of your spiritual health. One powerful way of cleansing this negative energy is with the use of sea salt, which is known for its ability to absorb negative energy.

There are many ways you can use sea salt to cleanse negative energy from yourself and your home.

We have put together a short list of the most tried and tested ways of utilising sea salt’s cleansing properties to clear negative energy.

1. Place Bowls Of Salt Around The House

In ancient times, bowls of salt were used to absorb negative energy and keep bad omens at bay.

For the peasants, this was a considerable expense. Salt was more difficult to come by back then and would make up a large portion of the average person’s monthly bills.

The fact that they went to this expense speaks to the power of sea salt.

Luckily, it is far cheaper today, and a bowl of salt is hardly going to break the bank.

Fill a few dishes and place them near the entrances to your home, ready to absorb the negative energy you and others will inevitably bring inside.

2. Cleanse Your Body With A Salt Bath

Sea salt can also be used to cleanse your own negative energy, but nobody wants to sprinkle salt on themselves like a lunatic.

Instead, add a cup of salt to a hot bath before you get into it.

The salt crystals, activated by the heat of the water, will bind to negative energy and cleanse it from you.

Then, you can watch all of that negative energy be flushed down the drain as you feel it lifted from you.

As far as negative energy cleansing rituals go, having a hot bath has got to be one of the more luxurious ways of doing it!

3. Vacuum Up The Negative Energy

If you have ever seen one of those shows where they use a special camera to show the dirt and bacteria that build up in a room, then you know a room can be a lot less clean than it seems.

If you could see the negative energy that builds up in your home, you would be horrified.

Luckily, you can use sea salt to keep on top of this negative energy build up and keep a beautiful, positive energy home.

Simply sprinkle some sea salt on your carpets in whatever room you wish to cleanse.

You might bless the room at this point, or call for negative energy to be gone.

Then, wait an hour before vacuuming up the salt from the carpets.

The sea salt crystals will absorb the built up negative energy in the room, so by the time you vacuum them up the negative energy will be bound to the crystals – ready to be thrown straight in the bin.

Whatever you do though, don’t spill the contents when emptying! You don’t want this concentrated toxic energy depositing itself in a place you can’t reach.

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