No matter how healthy a life you lead, you will pick up some negative energy from the people and world around you.

It makes spiritual cleansing of negative energy an essential part of your metaphysical health regimen.

Luckily, there are some easy ways you can cleanse your negative energy.

Here are some of the easiest ways you can keep yourself free from negative energy within yourself, your work and your home.

1. Cleansing Mantra

Having a cleansing mantra is the first step to leading a spiritually healthy life.

A cleansing mantra is just a short phrase that you have imbued with cleansing energy. You can imbue it during meditation by stating your intent.

Here’s an example:

“I will imbue the words ‘My Aura Is Pure’ with the power to cleanse.”

Then all you need to do when in the presence of negative energy is speak your mantra:

“My aura is pure.”

2. Bath With Epsom Salt

There’s nothing like a nice, hot bath in the evening to wash the day away, and you can say the same for negative energy.

Half a cup of epsom salt in the bathtub will cleanse your aura, removing the negative energy that will tend to make it muddy.

3. Source Cleansing

If you want to get rid of excess negative energy while also giving yourself a boost, you can use Source meditation to flush your system entirely.

Sit in your meditation space with your root chakra on the ground. Place your hand’s palms down on the ground in front of you.

Feel Source energy flow up through your root chakra and up to your heart chakra, pushing the negativity and darkness out through the arms and back into the ground.

As you do this, help the energy to flow by performing breathing exercises.

4. Music For The Soul

An excellent way to clear your negative energy and the negative energy that builds up in your home is to play energy cleansing music.

Chakra healing music, whale song and sounds of nature are all great cleansing sounds that will help you to shrug off the negative energy.

It doesn’t have to be cleansing music, either specifically!

Use music that is calming to you, as it is the interaction with your energy that provides the cleansing properties rather than the actual music itself.

5. Herbal Arrangements For The Office

One place that it is difficult to avoid negative energy is at work.

If you work at a desk, a simple herbal arrangement of lavender, mint and lemongrass can help to absorb the worst of the negativity that arises during a workday.

Set these in a pot of salt to supercharge the cleansing power.

6. Smudging With Sage

Finally, sage smudging is one of the most enduring and well-used techniques for cleansing negative energy.

Grab some sage, put it in something fireproof and light it. It is best to open a window first.

As you carry it around the room, waft the smoke gently, so it circulates through the air. As it does so, see if you can sense the negative energy leaving the room.

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