Have you ever wondered about birthmarks? What about the ones on your hands? First of all, birthmarks are normal and pose no risk to you. 

Many of you believe that birthmarks hold significant spiritual meanings. 

They say that the birthmark on your hands can tell you more about yourself, especially the characteristics you are born with.

Knowing yourself spiritually is crucial to living a more happy and fulfilling life. The location of the birthmark matters, whether it’s on the palm or on the back of the hand.

For me it was significant knowing the important element of birthmark, for example the pigmentation and the color affect the meaning. The lighter marks are positive and the darker ones are negative.

Then, there are the types of birthmark, for example red or strawberry birthmarks symbolize passion, but also links to a wound relating to burn from your past life. 

If you want to know more, then keep reading.

Birthmark On Left Hand

If you have a birthmark on your left hand, then you naturally lean more towards giving than receiving in most areas of your life.

Your blood circulates through your body from left to right, so birthmarks on the left side of the body tend to have more to do with what you put out rather than what you take in.

It applies to money, food, and time as well as it applies to the energy you give off through your aura.

If it is on your palm, it suggests that you have a natural leaning towards charitable giving and you find happiness, fulfillment, and purpose when doing charity work or when making donations to those in need.

Others come to you when they are hard up because they know that you are the “giving” sort, somebody who would make sacrifices in order to help somebody else.

You should be wary of making too many sacrifices.

Being generous and giving is good, but making so many sacrifices as to do yourself, real harm is the opposite of that.

Ensure that you are providing for yourself before allowing yourself to provide for others.

If the birthmark is on the back of your hand, this suggests a natural leaning towards teaching and mentorship.

Others want to learn from you, and you feel fulfilled while doing so because you have a way of connecting with them that makes what you are teaching them far more intuitive.

There are plenty of ways to satisfy this drive other than traditional teaching.

Providing guidance (of any kind) for loved ones, colleagues, or strangers will help to satisfy you on a much deeper level.

Birthmark On Right Hand

On the other hand…

A birthmark on your right-hand means that you lean more towards taking rather than giving.

It doesn’t mean that you are selfish, just that you take on more than you put out.

The right-hand side of your circulatory system delivers blood back to your heart, ready to be re-energized with oxygen in your lungs before being pumped around again.

Symbolically this refers to your tendency to absorb the energy of others.

If it is on your palm, then this means that you often rely on others for help and rarely find the shoe on the other foot.

It might be financial help or help with chores like moving, transport, etc. But it could also be emotional or spiritual support.

People want to help you, and you often need it – but this can lead to low self-esteem and a feeling that you can’t look after yourself.

What you need to realize to combat this is that everybody has strengths and weaknesses, and everybody needs help sometimes.

Having the courage to ask for help isn’t easy, either.

If the birthmark is on the back of your hand, then it suggests a thirst for knowledge and lifelong attitude towards learning.

You love to learn about new topics and concepts and try to be well versed in most issues that have any relevance to you.

However, this approach has its drawbacks.

You may find a lack of respect shown towards you despite your wide range of knowledge, and this is down to perception.

People often mistake asking questions for lack of knowledge, rather than a sign of someone who acquires a lot of it.

Birthmark On Both Hands

If you are lucky enough to have birthmarks on both hands it is a perfect sign indeed – especially if they are matching or near-matching!

It indicates a natural balance between give and take, with no particular preference for either giving or receiving.

The urges and natural desires that drive you are already in balance, and it is up to you only to maintain and make use of that.

It also suggests a strong, healthy heart and circulatory system.

You are unlikely to have health problems related to your heart, blood, veins, or arteries. You are also great at connecting with people, especially emotionally.

If they are on your palms, then you will find yourself in the heart of a community support system.

Not only will you be charitable when times are good, but you will not be shy about asking for help when times are bad.

You will do so without shame because you understand that fortune is often fleeting.

If they are on the back of your hands, then you are well suited to teamwork and the shared creation of ideas.

You understand how to manage a team towards a goal and gravitate to leadership positions within teams.

You also share the burden of responsibility with that team, even if it means paying for someone else’s mistakes.

It will lead to a loyal group of friends and colleagues who respect and support you.

Birthmark And Scientific studies

There have been some studies that suggest that birthmarks have a potential link to past lives. Dr Ian Stevenson, a psychiatrist at the University of Virginia did intensive research on cases of children. 

It showed links to past life corresponding to the person they claimed to be. 200 Such case studies were documented.


Edited by: Kash

Kash is a talented 3D artist who has worked at Apple and Splash Damage, and many other projects within the Games Industry. He also loves to blog about spirituality. He is the co-founder of Spiritual Nexus, where he combines his business and spiritual Interest to inspire others. 


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