The other day I was talking to a friend of mine about past lives.

The discussion about birthmarks came up.

They had a birthmark on their chest and wanted to know what it meant.

As I have discussed about birthmarks before, the meaning can vary depending on the color, pigmentation, and the shape.

Its location matters too.

Since the birthmark is around your chest I have some answers for you.

So why do we get birthmarks?

There are many answers to this, but from what I know it happens because of the strong energy impulses during pregnancy.

It imprints a vibrational pattern onto the baby developing in the womb.

The birthmark we are born with has a significant effect on our lives and our future, and not only leaving a visible artifact on your body.

The birthmark on your chest closely relates to the energy of the heart chakra, it connects its various functions with our body’s energy system.

Which are:

  • Love
  • Connections
  • Kindness
  • Compassion
  • Grief

Now that’s a lot?

I fully agree, having a birthmark on your chest is quite important symbol for you, because the chest is one of the most important parts of our body’s energy system.

Birthmarks Explained By Science 

As explained by JH Medicine, birthmarks are areas of discolored or raised skin that occurs during birth or afterwards, they are made from malformed pigment cells or blood vessels.

Science doesn’t yet have a clear explanation of their exact cause. Birthmarks are benign and don’t require any treatment.

Here are the types of birthmark:

  • Vascular birthmarks
  • Hemangiomas
  • Port-wine stains
  • Pigmented birthmarks

Now let’s get deep into this topic and uncover more.

Starting with the left side of the chest.

Birthmark on The Left Side of The Chest

The left side of our chest is all about love and connection.

Do you have a birthmark on the left side of your chest?

If you do then it means you will fall in love more than once.

It means you have a lot of love for the people around you.

You find it easy to form a connection with people, whether it’s romantic or just platonic.

Connection with family and friends matter alot to you.

Not everyone is as quick as you are forming a connection, or easy to love someone.

However there is a downside to this, since you can be quick to love, it can cause problems, maybe it’s because you come on too strong or you find it difficult to give people space to grow?

Your biggest challenge is to find someone who has the same energy as you do.

Someone who can love like you do.

It’s hard going through a lot of break ups, while you search for someone who is more compatible to you.

Don’t lose hope, because there are people out there with the same energy, it may take time to find them.

No matter the situation you are someone who always acts with kindness, even despite setbacks, your heart overflows with love, your natural reaction is compassion and kindness.

You are someone who is empathic, allowing you to connect with people emotionally and help them through difficult times.

Within your circle of friends, you are likely to be the one everyone goes to for a sympathetic ear.

You need to have a little control not to stretch yourself too thin on an emotional level.

Helping others can be a fulfilling experience, but too much of it and it can lead to your detriment.

It will cause negative energy to build within you, which will cause you to be negative towards other people around you.

Make sure you are open to this, but at the same time you keep yourself shielded from too much of it.

Birthmark on The Right Side of The Chest

A birthmark on the right side of the chest usually means you are someone who is very attractive to other people, you will have many suitors throughout your life.

There is something within you that’s very magnetic, whether it’s your personality or something else, people just find you irresistible.

You don’t usually stay single for long, there is always one date waiting for you.

However, with all the choices, you find it difficult to find deep emotional connection with someone.

You also don’t see the side empathy in your life and it’s challenging for you.

Sometimes people accuse you of being blunt, brash or cold because you have a hard time reading someone’s emotional state.

On the plus side you are emotionally balanced, you tend to be the rock when life is not steady, as to say people flock to you when they need that balance in their life as well.

If the birthmark is dark, then you have gone through a period of grief, but you have managed to control your emotions and have gone through this period knowing that even though life is unfair, there is always hope.

You will need to keep your friends close to you, because they are the key to your success.

Birthmark In the Middle of The Chest

When you have a birthmark in the middle of the chest, then it’s all about balance and stability.

You will have a balanced love life.

What does that mean?

It means when you find someone you fall in love with, you will stay with your partner for life.

You have a great understanding of the relationship dynamic when it comes to the emotional aspects.

This is a great blessing, however it can be a curse if your partner misjudges your give and take, you can feel jilted even if it was just an honest mistake.

It won’t be a problem if your partner has the same attitude and the same intuitive understanding as you do.

You value kindness and compassion but only for those who you think deserve it.

So if someone treats you well, you treat them the same way.

This is just a common sense way of being.

You get back what you put in.

If you act without kindness and compassion – whether the person deserves it or not – then you will cause a lack of understanding and compassion in the world around you.

So you pretty much become part of the problem and are contributing to it.

But if someone treats you poorly and you still showed them kindness, then you are causing them to have second thoughts about their attitude and action toward you.

When they are faced with kindness, they may think about adjusting their approach.

If you have a light birthmark in the middle of your chest then it means you will be successful in life, achieving a life balance that works perfectly for you.

If it’s dark, then you may find it hard to rise above mediocrity.

This should be your motivation to work twice as hard because you might have to keep up with your peers.


Edited by: Kash

Kash is a talented 3D artist who has worked at Apple and Splash Damage, and many other projects within the Games Industry. He also loves to blog about spirituality. He is the co-founder of Spiritual Nexus, where he combines his business and spiritual Interest to inspire others. 


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