A young couple walks through the woods near their home.

It is a summer afternoon, and they have taken the expensive camera they rarely use out for a long-overdue test drive.

They snap a few great shots of the picturesque landscape and each other, enjoying some time spent out in nature to balance themselves.

When they get home, they take a look through the photographs.

They are great, every last one.

Until they come across a picture that leaves them a little puzzled – and shocked.

In one of the photographs, they can see an orb of light hovering a few feet off the ground.

Has this happened to you?

Fear not, this is quite a common phenomenon.

What you have snapped a picture of is a Light Orb – the near physical manifestation of a non-physical being.

A spirit, going about its business.

Now before we go into the topic, I think it’s crucial that we understand the science behind orbs as well.

Science has another explanation, and it is valid. Science has shown that orbs are formed by light reflecting off airborne particles, like dust, pollen, or moisture close to the camera lens, as mentioned by Psi Encyclopedia.

These facts are echoed by Fijufilm and Sony, and have said that these are common photographic anomalies.  

There is a lot of skepticism surrounding orbs in pictures, and what they are, I feel it’s a good idea to get both sides of the perspective of science and spirituality.

I highly advised you to read their thoughts on it. Psi Encyclopedia

Seeing Blue Light Spiritual Meaning

The phenomenon of seeing blue light holds significant spiritual meaning for many people.

In spiritual contexts, blue light is often associated with tranquility, depth, and wisdom.

It’s seen as a reflection of calming energies and a connection to the higher spiritual realms.

The perception of blue light can be interpreted as a sign of guidance or a moment of profound introspection and peace.

Blue Light Orbs

Most Light Orbs that we encounter are white.

Colored orbs are, in fact, extremely rare and usually represent more powerful spirits than the usual white ones.

And Blue Orbs are very special indeed.

Blue Orbs are spirit guides.

When we snap a photo with a Blue Orb present, we see one of the spirits tasked with guiding us along our spiritual journey.

It is a sure sign that our spirit guides are getting involved with our lives and taking a particular interest in us.

And do not worry – they are not shy about having their picture taken!

Some people even believe that they purposefully show themselves in photographs to let us know when we are on the right path.

The Blue Orb is a calming and peaceful presence.

In the presence of a Blue Orb, we feel protected spiritually, and our anxieties are lessened.

Usually, the message of a Blue Orb is, “Carry on, as you are.

You are on the right path.”

Encountering A Blue Orb

When we are lucky enough to notice the presence of our spirit guide, in the form of a Blue Orb, there are ways we can take advantage of the situation.

There is a reason our spirit guide created the Blue Orb in a specific location.

As the Blue Orb represents calmness and peacefulness, the best way to attune ourselves to our spirit guide is to remain at the place where the Blue Orb presented itself and engage in some peaceful meditation.

In the presence of our spirit guide, in its chosen spot, meditation can result in some profound progress on our spiritual journey.

After all, the spirit guide serves to deliver us along that sacred path, so when it shows itself, we should pay attention to what it wants us to do.

This spot should also become a place for us to return to, if at all possible.

It holds a special significance in our spiritual journey, as indicated by the spirit guide.

What Do Blue Orbs Mean?

What do they mean? Blue orbs are pretty much a physical manifestations of a spirit. You will see them with your naked eyes during religious ceremonies or when someone dies.

Sometimes they appear in photos and videos, even when they were not seen with the naked eye.

From what I know there are many interpretations for them, some say they are the spirit of the dead, while others believe they are angels or guides from heaven.

There no right or wrong answer to this, it’s up to the person to believe what resonates with them. I believe it can be both.

If you do see one, then it might be someone close to you who has passed away recently, and they are trying to communicate with you.

It’s also a sign from the universe that you are on the right path, either way its a positive sign and you should be happy to see one


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