Is it possible to use astral projection to visit someone? Well, the answer is affirmative. You can visit your loved ones or any person you like when you astral project.

In the astral realm, your astral body or soul is separated from your physical body.

The physical body is obliged to follow the boundaries on Earth, but the astral body is free from all kinds of limitations.

In the astral world, there are no restrictions on where you can go and where you can not.

You can travel thousands of miles in just a few seconds. You don’t need a car or any vehicle to move. Just think about the place you want to visit, and you can be there.

The ability to meet someone in the astral world is entirely dependent upon your own experience.

If you have just started to astral travel, then it is hard for you to reach someone in this world. But when you astral project for a long time, you might become able to do that without any trouble.

Astral Projection To Visit Someone:

Now the question arises, how to do it? There is nothing different in what you need to do when you use any astral projection method that you usually use.

Only this time you need to be more precise. When you are planning to astral project, your mind should be cleared from any thoughts excluding the person whom you want to visit.

Before you astral project to meet someone, here are some things that you can do.

Find a Link:

When you are a newbie, linking will help you to meet the target. You can use anything that is linked to the memory of that person.

For instance, before you astral project, you can spray the room with the fragrance that person uses, or you can wear their favourite colour.

Use a Photo:

You can look at a photo of the person you want to visit before you start the projection. It will give a clear picture in your mind and soul of the person whom you wish to meet.

Have a Personal Object:

You can use anything that belongs to that person. It will make the tracking much more accessible.

Ask them for Permission:

It is the best thing you can do. Ask for their permission, and you will see good results in no time. It will happen because you won’t be facing any resistance on their end.

Things will become even more convenient when that person knows when you will astral project. It will strengthen the link, and the willingness will make things easy.

After doing any of these things, you can initiate your projection by lying down in a calm and comfortable place so that your astral body can leave your physical body without any hindrance.

When your body departs, focus on the place where you can find your desired person.

If you face failure in the first few attempts, don’t worry because it happens to everyone. You need to continue believing in your powers to accomplish this goal one day successfully.