Oneness describes the unity of all consciousness in the universe. It is the natural state of being, the quality of all things belonging to a larger whole.

Oneness describes the lack of a distinct boundary between us on a more extensive, cosmic scale.

Nowhere is this oneness more evident to us than in the twin flame relationship.

While we may believe in the notion of oneness as a concept, we never truly believe anything until we experience.

Therefore, most people who have yet to meet their twin flame talk about oneness as an abstract concept.

But once we experience the twin flame relationship, this notion of oneness goes from an abstract concept to a concrete characteristic of existence.

Split Souls

Twin flames are, in essence, two expressions of the same soul. The prototypical Yin and Yang, mirror souls on the physical and spiritual planes.

We were once indistinguishable by any means from our twin flame.

But once we split, there is an argument that we are no longer one – an argument that we are now two separate entities. This is a flawed argument.

The Silver Cord

We are no more separate from our twin flame than we are separate from our arms or legs. Our twin flame is literally attached to us.

In fact, our twin flame is more connected to us than our limbs are. After all, limbs can be removed – the silver cord that connects us to our twin flame, extending from and connecting to the heart chakra of both twins, cannot be severed. It is integral to the universe that we are one.


And the reason that we cannot disconnect from our twin flame is that we are destined to become one again in every way that we are currently not.

We are destined to unify with our twin flame, to attune and ascend and reform the original soul that split into the two of us.

This is a part of the universal ascension process, the final stage in the universal cycle of consciousness.

And as this ascension process goes on, we step up our frequencies, and we unify with other souls in much the same way as we unified with our twin flame.

This process continues until there is only one soul, one consciousness, that we call the Source.

And at that point, we have absolute oneness.

From Humble Beginnings

And all of this is possible because of the inherent oneness of consciousness that imbues our twin flame relationship with the properties of oneness that we feel when we meet them.

We know, when we meet our twin flame, that this person is us – expressed a different way.

That’s where the intensity comes from, where the feeling of belonging comes from, and where the unconditional love comes from.

Because when we realise that we are all one, that oneness is at the core of all consciousness. it’s as easy to love our twin flame as it is to love ourselves, and vice versa.