11:11 is an important number string in the universe.

It represents many things depending on context, but the constant through all of its representations is the core idea of synchronicity.

Synchronicity is the way in which the universe shows us the way.

When we are thinking about calling someone, and suddenly they call us, that is an example of synchronicity.

When we wonder what an old friend is up to these days and then we run into them while going about our day, that is an example of synchronicity.

And we experience this synchronicity when we are at, or coming up to, a fork in the road for our spiritual journey.

It is a little sign from the universe that we should be paying particular attention to our spiritual selves over the coming days and weeks.

11:11 And Synchronicity

11:11 is essential when we talk about synchronicity as it is the most common sign from the universe.

There are plenty of spiritual and numerological reason why 11:11 might be the most common sign from the universe, but there are practical reasons too.

For instance, 11:11 can show up on clocks, number plates, phone numbers and in all sorts of other ways.

Whether 11:11 is the most common sign because it is easily used, or whether it is easily used because the universe made itself that way, is frankly unknown.

11:11 And Love

But we must recognise 11:11 as a sign from the universe.

When the universe presents us with synchronicity through numerous and frequent presentations of 11:11, we are essentially being told to get our house in order and ready ourselves for a spiritual event in our lives.

We need to pay particular attention to other synchronicities.

Those other synchronicities may point to a specific type of spiritual event – the discovery of love.

Paying special attention to our surroundings, looking for synchronicities in the wake of the 11:11 synchronicity, we might start to notice a pattern emerging.

We may see couples, romance and love every which way we look.

This is no accident of circumstance.

This is the universe telling us that we are about to meet someone very special.

11:11 And Twin Flames

In fact, it may be that we are about to meet the most special person we will meet in our lives.

We may be about to meet our twin flame.

11:11 has a special connection to the twin flame relationship.

The mirrored 11s represent the mirrored souls of the twin flames, and the whole number string has properties that reflect the twin flame relationship itself – openness, honesty, love and oneness.

All of these properties are core to the twin flame relationship.

So, when we experience synchronicity with the number string 11:11, when we see it everywhere we go, we should pay attention to the other synchronicities that the universe is showing us.

And, of course, prepare ourselves for the most important spiritual event in our lives – meeting our Twin Flame.