I was lucky enough to come across many gray cats, I mean they are adorable, each with their color gray/silver/blue and lilac cats are known for their concept of time.

So what do they symbolize?

Gray cats are very mysterious and all about good fortune. 

If you have come across one or you have one as a pet, then you are in good hands. 

This cat has chosen you, bringing you fortune and abundance.

There is also a mystery to them. 

In essence they represent the mystery in life and how we experience the uncertainty of it.

Now I have mentioned before about the work of Dr. Carlo Siracusa and James Serpell at the University of Helsinki about cat behaviors. You should read it. (Penn Today)​​ (ScienceDaily)​.

Okay, lets being with each of the symbolism:

Good Fortune

Here is one thing I learned, gray cats across cultures are known for good fortune. 

The symbolism of fortune with gray cats is connected to the color silver, a variant of gray.

Silver is very valuable in the cosmos, and silver is up there with gold.

In some cultures a gray cat is given to newly weds to bring them good fortune and luck.

Gray cats in general are very lucky, even throughout history and culture they are known to be very lucky creatures.

I remember coming in contact with one particular gray cat in my neighborhood, each time he was around me I felt lucky  or good fortune was always around the corner.

I do think they are very lucky cats.


They are definitely mysterious, because they symbolize the mystery of life and the uncertainty.

The color gray definitely has a sense of mystery to it. 

The meaning of the words ‘’gray area’’ suggest there is a level of uncertainty.

The gray cat thrives in mystery and uncertainty, they understand that perspective is sometimes everything, and we have to rely on our intuition.


The gray cat is very much connected to the spirit world, and they symbolize guidance from it.

Something I have discovered recently is that, I believe spirits carry the color of gray or silver, for me this is no accident.

The gray cat embodies the spirit world in such a way that it guides us through our lives.

For this reason alone, the gray cat is an excellent spirit animal or totem.

If you are an owner of a pet gray cat, then this cat will guide you towards your spiritual needs, even if you have been neglecting them.


The gray cat is very good with temperance, they symbolize our need for peace and stability.

They help us calm down when we are emotionally unstable, and pick us up when we are down. 

They remind us to think before we act.


They also symbolize silence and the need to remain still. They teach us that sometimes it’s okay to remain silent, being still. 

They are excellent at meditation and knowing when to remain still. 

There is a need to be still and contemplate about life and everything around us. 

It’s teaching us the value of shutting out the noise of the world.

The spiritual side of the gray cat is that by valuing temporary isolation we truly find value in meditation and contemplation.

Old Souls

The energy of the gray cat is that of an old soul. 

Some believe that the gray cats are the reincarnation of the oldest souls in the universe.

They are pretty much like ‘’grandmother cats’’.

They do have a lot of wisdom to offer, and by exploring the above symbolisms of the gray cat we can achieve balance, wisdom, and spiritual growth allowing us to live full happy lives.


Edited by: Kash

Kash is a talented 3D artist who has worked at Apple and Splash Damage, and many other projects within the Games Industry. He also loves to blog about spirituality. He is the co-founder of Spiritual Nexus, where he combines his business and spiritual Interest to inspire others. 


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Grace Gabriella Puskas is a spiritual author of a variety of MBS books, a passionate poet and visionary, and a qualified Reiki Master Teacher, Dream therapist, Herbalist, and Holistic & Shamanic Healer. She is a self-taught Astrologer of 15+ years and enjoys caring for others, healing the earth, and co-creating with the mystical powers of the Universe. She can be found Here.