A soul shock, as the name suggests, is the overwhelming devastation that takes two souls by storm, when they are separated from each other. They feel an intense pain that has the capability of shattering their spirits.

It is a common misconception that the chaser in a relationship is the only one in a twin flame relationship who experiences a soul shock. The runner is equally ravaged by this harrowing experience.

The twin flame runner soul shock is different from the chaser’s soul shock in many ways. The runner just chooses to numb his pain, unlike his counterpart.

Obstacles are part and parcel of every relationship. But, the twin shock defies all logic. The runner simply leaves his/her twin flame because of no apparent reason. There are some things that you can do to avoid a twin soul shock.

Twin Flame Runner Soul Shock

The runner does not understand his spirituality, and that is why he makes a run for it. He does not know how to cope with the intensity of this divine and otherworldly relationship.

He hasn’t reached a point of spiritual illumination and lets his self-ego take over his senses. The chaser, on the other hand, is more aware and together, and understands the worth of the relationships he/she is in.

The best way to avoid a soul shock is to let things run their course. We should never let our feelings of anger consume us. They are all part of our self-ego and lay ruin to our lives. It is only when we understand that these feelings are not our true identity, we reach a point of illumination and truth.

The runner has to understand the reasons behind his twin runner flame soul shock. He has to face the subconscious fears that he has suppressed deep inside of him. There are many types of fears that cause the runner to seclude himself.

He might have a fear of rejection or abandonment, or he might simply have a tattered past that has compelled him to believe that he is not good enough for love. The runner has to understand the chaser.

He should realise that despite all his fears; he is willing to spend eternity with him. He has to realise that their twin flame is like no person they’ve ever met in their life.

All the people in the past might have rejected him and made him feel vulnerable and insecure, but his twin flame is only interested in healing them and providing him refuge from their fears. He should be running towards his twin flame if he wishes to escape from all his fears and wants to experience eternal bliss.

The chaser has to do her part as well.  The only way for a chaser to keep his twin flame is to make sure that he identifies the root cause of the runner’s fears. Whether it was an emotional trauma in his childhood or a previous relationship went wrong, she has to penetrate deep into his soul, and eradicate the patches of negative energy produced as a result of these traumas, and stop the running before it even starts.

Be wary of the symptoms of a twin flame runner soul shock, and when they appear, make sure that you apply these effective tips to avoid troubling times for you and your partner.