All of us, at some point in our lives, are struck with a phenomenon that shatters our soul and has the potential of changing the way we perceive life.

The Dark night of the soul isn’t something that we can just simply discard. It’s not a temporary phase, and it’s not a bout of depression or anxiety. An appointment with a therapist or taking medications does not cure it.

When chaos shrouds your soul, leaving you in a state of spiritual and existential crisis, and the clouds of despair and confusion wreak havoc on your mind, you can be sure, that the dark night of the soul has dawned upon you.

You’ll start to question everything, your purpose in life, what’s real and what’s illusionary? You’ll feel as if your whole life was a fabrication. It may feel as if you’ll never find your way out of this state of spiritual disarray, but every pain brings a reward with that makes it all worth it.

What Happens After The Dark Night of The Soul

In this article, we’ll tell you what happens after the dark night of the soul, and what rewards await you after you’ve successfully navigated these hard times.

When you’ve achieved the apogee of spirituality, your mind is opening your eyes to the reality. The reality is a saddening truth. It crushes and cripples your entire being so that you can rise anew. Ignoring the dark night of the soul is futile.

We should be gratuitous when it appears in our lives, instead of running away from it. Instead of suppressing the pain, you should try to find the meaning and the cause behind it. This pain has accumulated over the course of your entire life. It’s not exclusive to you. It’s something many people in the world feel.

You feel connected to them because of this invisible thread of pain, and it is finally revealing itself because it wants you to heal it with perseverance and love. You have to face it because trying to suppress it will only take you farther from the truth.

Once you’re done with that, you’ll realise that the dark night of the soul has resurrected you from the ashes of your past. It has made you into a loving human being who is aware and together.

One who knows how and does not try to hide his emotions, but embraces them. This inner peace spiritually detoxes you after the dark night of the soul.

Human beings are filled with regret, shame, frustration. We spend our whole life, trying to resist these emotions. We think that these insecurities are our true nature, something that is embedded in our minds and soul.

These are the misconceptions the dark night of the soul is trying to erase from our minds. Ending the war against these emotions is the right way to approach things.

After the dark night of the soul, we come to the realisation that nothing is wrong with us, and invulnerability and imperfections are part of our self-ego and not us, and we feel a sense of spiritual and psychological freedom.

Accept the dark night of the soul, embrace it with open arms, and let it do its spiritual detox. Don’t force the inevitable. Doing so will only land you in further trouble. You’re the chosen few who have reached a state of spiritual exaltation. You have a responsibility on your shoulders to do the right thing.