The Pleiadian blood type is an interesting topic, but people are often confused about what it means to have Pleiadian blood.

Pleiadians are extraterrestrial beings that come from the Pleiades star system.

They are not human and do not share a common genetic code with humans or any other life form on Earth.

They came here to help humanity evolve and live in peace and unity with one another.

Pleiadians do incarnate as human beings and experience life on Earth, but they also maintain their connection to the Pleiades.

Pleiadian blood Symptoms And traits

People with Pleiadian blood share some similar traits and symptoms.

They may have a strong telepathic or psychic gift that allows them to communicate non-verbally with others and connect on a deeper level.

People with Pleiadian blood naturally have a lower body temperature and have a hard time feeling warm.

They also might exhibit low energy or even chronic fatigue that is unexplained by any medical cause.

Individuals with this type of extraterrestrial heritage often experience deep depression due to their intense connections with the world.

Here is an article on starseeds that experience depression.

They are also sensitive to the energy and vibrations of others, absorbing their feelings into themselves easily.

Those who have Pleiadian blood may suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders due to over stimulation during the night.

Many extraterrestrial beings share the trait of having large eyes.

People with Pleiadian blood may have this same physical characteristic, along with very fair skin and pale or translucent hair colors like silver, white blonde, platinum blond, or lavender.

However, Pleiadians can choose any type of human body whether it’s light or dark-skinned.

Pleiadian Blood History

The Basque people of northern Spain and southern France, as well as the Eastern/Oriental Jews, have the highest amounts of RH negative blood.

Only 15% of the global population possesses this Rh-negative blood factor.

While it is well established that RH negative blood (type “O”) is the purest blood known to humanity, its source is unknown.

Except for the Blackfoot Indians, who have 82 percent type A blood, the majority of people, especially indigenous peoples of North and South America, have type ‘O’ blood.’

These native people are the only tribe to have this high concentration of A blood – most other American Indians have 80% type ‘O’.

It’s because they’re RH negative that makes their blood so pure!

Blood is pure enough to be the world’s universal blood.

Everyone on the planet may receive RH negative type “O” blood, but individuals with this same “O” negative blood type can only receive blood from their own kind.

There are three types: ‘O,’ ‘B,’ and ‘A’, and a fourth – a combination of ‘AB’

Symptoms And traits Of This Blood Type – List

If you are someone who has the RH negative blood type you may have wondered if there are certain traits and symptoms that go along with this blood type.

While you can’t directly attribute all of your characteristics as a person to the blood type, it is possible that some of them could be due to your RH negative status such as how easily you get sick or what food cravings you might have.

Here is a list of symptoms and traits that you may have as a person with RH negative blood:

  • Have increased sensitivity to pain.
  • Tend to have an easier time losing weight than those who are O positive or A positive.
  • Have green, blue, or hazel eyes that change color like a chameleon.
  • Maintain a very low body temperature when resting at 97 degrees Fahrenheit or 36 degrees Celsius.
  • Are often psychic and can sense danger before it happens.
  • Tend to be good with animals like cats, dogs, horses, etc.
  • Crave the color red.
  • Have a higher IQ than most people and tend to be very creative, artistic, or musical in some way.
  • Are more likely to have allergies or sensitivities to certain foods.
  • Has UFO connections.
  • Have an extra rib or vertebrae.
  • Interest in space or science.
  • Sense of not belonging here.
  • Psychic dreams.
  • Paranormal experiences.
  • Are truth seekers.
  • Have a desire for higher wisdom.
  • Empathic illnesses.
  • Deep compassion for others.
  • Have a sense of mission in life.
  • Have scars on the body that can’t be explained.
  • Can disrupt electrical appliances.
  • Alien contacts.

Do you have any of these symptoms, traits, or characteristics?

You may not be aware of all of them or what causes each one.

The best thing that you can do is to continue your journey in learning about who you are as a person and where your RH negative status fits into all of it.

You may find out something new along the way!

I found that I have a lot of the symptoms and traits listed in this article.

I’ve always known that I’m different because I don’t seem to fit into any box where everyone else does.

And you may find that you don’t either, but that’s okay because you are special and unique!


If you have been wondering where you fit in this world.

You may have even suspected that you are different or special in some way, but didn’t know how to express it or why.

The truth is, you are special and unique.

As long as you continue to be yourself, follow your heart, and seek the truth in all things then no one can stop you from being who you really are!

Take care of yourself and have a wonderful day, Namaste!