Starseeds often have rare blood types that are not commonly found in the general public. Starseed blood types are considered to be some of the most unique and interesting.

Starseeds often have a rare blood type, but what does it mean? Starseed’s with these rare blood types may find themselves feeling isolated from society and struggling to fit in.

Starseed blood Types And Why It’s Important To Understand Them

Did you know starseeds are interstellar souls that incarnate into human bodies, some say starseeds are here to help humanity evolve?

I think keeping an open mind is important, but we can not blindly just agree with any agenda thrown at us.

The truth is that there is more than one starseed race, so more than one agenda. Not all are for the good of humanity, so we must never give our power away and be thorough in our investigations.

Many starseeds are here for a specific purpose directly related to whatever race they originate. Some are here for the advancement of human and Earth cycles.

In this article, you will learn about your Starseed Blood Type and what it means.

The five starseed blood types include:

Note: I usually don’t like categorizing or grouping individuals, but I do believe in most cases if you fit into one of these groups, then it’s likely you will have a rare blood type.

Humanoid Starseed

Starseeds with humanoid blood types are very rare, they are from the first seeding of starseeds.

They may have a difficult time finding themselves and fitting into society, although most have managed this quite well and have contributed significantly to the fast-tracking of human consciousness.

This time in space was always earmarked for everything that has been happening, it was inevitable.

Starborn Starseed

Starseeds with rare blood types often feel as if their parents were from other worlds and not born on Earth as most people were.

They tend to be peaceful souls that seek truth and meaning. Starborn blood types are the most common type and are the biggest group.

Starbound Starseed

Starseeds with starbound blood types often feel like their destiny is a mystery, and in their youth don’t know why they are here or what to do next in life. They often abandon everything for the pursuit of their spiritual quest to understand their purpose.

They don’t care much for the physical world and they often generate help and advice on how to live. Not because they want it either, it is other people who feel they need to look after them. These Starseeds have the rarest blood type.

These unique souls have a very special spiritual purpose in this lifetime but are veiled and are shielded from the truth until later on in life.

This is for their protection as the volts of energy they can process through their bodies is too much until they are ready.

Blood type is key to the mission because our blood is basically iron and the Earth’s Electromatic energy field runs through our maridians and blood.

Starseer Starseed

Starseeds with starseer blood types like to explore new things and learn new information. Starseer Starseed blood types are considered to be a little rarer than Starborn blood types.

Starhome Starseed

The starhome type of starseed is often mistaken for not being a starseed at all, most likely because they have human genes and look like any other person on Earth with their physical appearance.

These starseeds have a unique and rare blood type. They always find themselves looking like an outsider in society, and they don’t understand why because they believe they are like everyone else.

Starseed Blood Types

The common Starseeds who fit into the groups above can have rare blood types that are not found in the general public but come from their own families or ancestors of those who were given a special mission to do something great energetically and spiritually.

Starseeds often with rare blood types may find themselves isolated from society and feel like they can’t fit in.

Rare Blood Type O+ And A-

Blood Type: O+ or A- are said to be one of the most unique and sparse. Starseeds with this type of blood find their abilities seem to increase greatly when around other starseeds, meaning that these Starseeds are often heroes or have a great responsibility.

Starseed blood type O+ is the third rarest of all Starseed blood types and Blood Type A- is also one of the most unique.

Individuals with this blood type find it hard to tolerate any kind of iron, even from plants which would make them very sensitive to the environment and things around them.  But they are understanding, compassionate people with a purity of energy about them.

It’s said that they’re often visionary and intuitive, which makes them wonderful artists or writers.

RH Negative Blood Type

Another rare blood type is RH negative blood type. Starseeds with this type of blood often feel a lot of pain and they have to deal with chronic issues in the body because their immune system is so weak.

These Starseeds are said to be very spiritual and usually come from ancient lineages that were given special missions when humanity was first created or seeded on Earth.

Starseeds with this blood type are very psychic and are sensitive to the environment around them, but they also have an understanding of how things work and what needs to be done.

Starseeds with RH negative blood types often feel alone in society because no one else understands or is like them so these Starseeds need help from other like-minded individuals who can understand them.

Most Starborn Starseeds have RH- blood type, which is the most common and these Starseeds often don’t understand why other people think this blood type is so special.

Starseeds with RH- blood type are considered the most human of all Starseed Blood Types.

It is said that Adam and Eve had RH negative blood type, they were the first beings from another planet and not of Earth, they were considered perfect humanoid beings.

Eve was said to have conceived a child with a Blackfoot Indian and had a son with RH positive blood, which would explain why most humans have a positive blood type.


So if you’re a Starseed and you have one of the rare Starseed blood types mentioned above, then this article probably resonated with you on some level.

The more people know about their own uniqueness (no matter how seemingly small) the better they will be able to understand themselves as well as others.

And who knows? Maybe these insights can help us all find our way through life with less struggle. After all, we are here in service for each other, and what could be more valuable than knowing your true self?