An Introduction to the Mysterious World of Tarot

The tarot is an ancient divination tool, shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Consisting of 78 cards, each with its own symbolic meaning, the tarot provides insight into our past, present and future. But the power of tarot extends far beyond mere fortune-telling.

Learning the tarot opens up a world of archetypes, ancient wisdom, and subconscious communication. Through meditative work with the cards, we can better understand ourselves on a soul level. The vivid images allow our intuitive minds to grasp concepts that logic alone cannot comprehend.

Yet despite its esoteric nature, tarot also has practical everyday applications. The cards offer guidance on relationships, career changes, and other major life decisions. They reveal inner blockages, provide creative inspiration, and anchor our intentions.

Below you will discover all 78 tarot cards and their divinatory meanings. Consider this your doorway into the magical realm of the tarot!

Tarot Cards List: All 78 Cards & Their Incredible Meanings

The Structure of the Tarot Deck

Before diving into the individual cards, it helps to understand the overall composition of a tarot deck. There are two main sections:

The Major Arcana

The first 22 cards make up the Major Arcana and follow the Fool’s journey – a symbolic path of spiritual awakening starting from innocence and leading to enlightenment. Each card represents a key milestone along this quest.

From the wild impulse of The Fool to the solemn wisdom of The World, these archetypal forces shape our understanding of life’s deeper meaning. The iconic imagery leaves a visceral imprint while concealing profound secrets.

The Minor Arcana

The remaining 56 cards belong to the Minor Arcana. This section explores more mundane matters and day-to-day concerns. It has four suits corresponding to the four elements:

  • Wands: The suit of fire represents passion, inspiration, and willpower
  • Cups: The suit of water governs emotions, relationships, and creativity
  • Swords: The suit of air rules the intellect, conflict, and communication
  • Pentacles: The suit of earth deals with prosperity, the body, and material matters

Each suit has 14 cards, ranging from the Ace to the 10, then the Page, Knight, Queen and King. This cast of characters displays different personality types.

Now let’s uncover the incredible meaning behind every single card!

Tarot Cards List: The Major Arcana

0. The Fool

Key phrases: New beginnings, innocence, spontaneity

The Fool tarot card represents the starting point of life’s journey. He stands on the edge of a cliff, about to joyfully leap into the unknown. This demonstrates the “foolish” openness and enthusiasm required to take the daring first steps of a new endeavor.

The white rose symbolizes the Fool’s purity of spirit. The little dog at his heels barks a warning, but the Fool pays no attention, too absorbed in his visionary quest. This card calls you to embrace beginner’s mind and approach life with an open heart.

  • Upright: New beginnings, innocence, spontaneity
  • Reversed: Recklessness, risk-taking, lack of direction
  • Yes or No: Yes

1. The Magician

Key phrases: Manifestation, creative power, skill

The Magician tarot card depicts a robed figure standing behind a table of arcane tools. One hand points up towards the divine, the other down towards the earthly realm. Between them flows magical energy. This symbolizes the Magician’s power to translate spiritual vision into tangible reality.

The various items on the table represent the four suits and elements. This shows the Magician’s mastery over the ingredients needed for manifestation. The infinity symbol above his head indicates infinite potential. When this card appears, you have everything necessary to make your dreams a reality.

  • Upright: Manifestation, creative power, skill
  • Reversed: Manipulation, poor planning, untapped talents
  • Yes or No: Yes

2. The High Priestess

Key phrases: Intuition, sacred knowledge, the subconscious mind

The High Priestess tarot card shows a mysterious woman seated between two pillars marked B and J, representing Boaz and Jachin from the Temple of Solomon. She holds a scroll in her lap, the Torah, full of esoteric wisdom. The crescent moon at her feet points to her dominion over the watery realm of emotions and intuition.

This feminine archetype holds the secrets of the subconscious mind and the mystical laws of the universe. She represents the divine feminine, the infinite source that gives rise to all things. When you receive the High Priestess, it’s time to retreat inwards. Let her stillness guide you to discover your inner truth.

  • Upright: Intuition, sacred knowledge, the subconscious mind
  • Reversed: Secrets, disconnected from intuition, withdrawal
  • Yes or No: No

3. The Empress

Key phrases: Feminine power, beauty, abundance

The Empress tarot card depicts a regal woman lounging on a plush throne surrounded by a lush green forest. In one hand she holds a scepter, a symbol of power and authority. Her shield bears the emblem of Venus, the goddess of love. Corn grows at her feet, representing fertility and abundance.

This card celebrates creative and procreative energy in all its sensual glory. As a life-giving force, the Empress nourishes ideas into being. She urges you to embrace your femininity, connect with Mother Earth, and lavish yourself with pleasure. Allow yourself to receive divine inspiration as you relax into her soft and luxurious realm.

  • Upright: Feminine power, beauty, abundance
  • Reversed: Creative block, dependence on others
  • Yes or No: Yes

4. The Emperor

Key phrases: Authority, structure, protection

In the Emperor tarot card, a stately figure sits upon a stone throne, clad in armor and royal red robes. The bleak mountains behind him symbolize his stoic strength and rationality. He holds an ankh scepter in one hand, representing the key to life. His other hand rests on an orb decorated with a cross, signifying his dominion over the earthly domain.

As the supreme patriarch, the Emperor establishes order out of chaos through reason and logic. He represents the active yang energy, rules, tradition and authority. The Emperor asks you take charge of your world by structuring your thoughts and actions effectively. Plan practical steps to turn ideas into tangible results.

  • Upright: Authority, structure, protection
  • Reversed: Tyranny, rigidity, misuse of power
  • Yes or No: No

5. The Hierophant

Key phrases: Spiritual guidance, tradition, conformity

The Hierophant tarot card shows a religious figure dressed in ceremonial robes and a triple crown. He sits between two pillars of a sacred temple, giving a blessing with one hand raised. Two monks kneel before him, representing his faithful followers.

As the Pope-like figure ruling divine order on earth, the Hierophant provides a bridge between the human and the spiritual realms. He promotes education, counsel and social peace through adherence to traditional belief systems. This card suggests that seeking out mentors, attending spiritual services or even joining a club or institution will serve you well now. Conformity brings you inner tranquility.

  • Upright: Spiritual guidance, tradition, conformity
  • Reversed: Rebellion, restriction, going it alone
  • Yes or No: No

6. The Lovers

Key phrases: Love, choice, duality

The Lovers tarot card depicts a naked man and woman standing beneath the angel Raphael, who blesses them from above. Behind the man is the Tree of Knowledge, behind the woman is the Tree of Life. Beyond lie a mountain and calm waters, symbols of the unconscious mind.

This card represents the dualities and choices we face through intimate relationships. The angel above is the higher self guiding us to make wise decisions of the head and the heart. When the Lovers appears, it often signals a new relationship, marriage or important partnership forming in your life. Pay attention to the red flags and green lights that arise.

  • Upright: Love, choice, duality
  • Reversed: Disharmony, imbalance, bad choices
  • Yes or No: Yes

7. The Chariot

Key phrases: Direction, control, willpower

The Chariot tarot card shows a brave warrior standing inside a chariot, emblazoned with a star and crescent moon. He wears armor decorated with alchemical symbols like the square and triangle. The black and white sphinxes pull the chariot forward, representing opposing dualities held in balance.

This card signifies overcoming conflicts and moving forward with purpose. It reveals having the determination to harness conflicting forces into a unified direction. You are in control of your own life’s path. Commit to your vision and summon the willpower to manifest victory. The Chariot gives you the green light to pursue your goals with forceful intent.

  • Upright: Direction, control, willpower
  • Reversed: No direction, lack of control, self-doubt
  • Yes or No: Yes

8. Strength

Key phrases: Courage, compassion, persuasion

The Strength tarot card depicts a woman in a white robe, effortlessly keeping a lion’s jaws open with her bare hands. A white infinity hover above her head hints at the divine grace empowering this feat. The mountains behind her reflect inner stability, while flowers by her feet demonstrate the gentleness of her approach.

True strength arises from self-mastery, not brute force. With courage, compassion and inner resolve, you can conquer anything. This card encourages a calm, patient approach to taming the beasts or dealing with aggressive people in your life. Lead with soft power rather than a heavy hand to resolve conflict.

  • Upright: Courage, compassion, persuasion
  • Reversed: Self-doubt, weakness, abuse of power
  • Yes or No: Yes

9. The Hermit

Key phrases: Soul-searching, introspection, solitude

The Hermit tarot card shows an old man dressed in a dark cloak holding a staff in one hand and a lantern in the other. He stands alone on a snowy mountain peak. The barren landscape and seclusion represent his inner journey into the mysterious depths of his soul.

As the Hermit withdraws from the outside world, he embarks on a quest for self-discovery. Solitude and contemplation illuminate new perspectives. By shining his inner light, he sees with clarity. Wisdom emerges from this introspective sight, yet it can only be shared once he returns to humanity.

  • Upright: Soul-searching, introspection, solitude
  • Reversed: Isolation, loneliness, withdrawal
  • Yes or No: No

10. The Wheel of Fortune

Key phrases: Cycles, change, destiny

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card shows a giant wheel dominating the card, adorned with alchemical and astrological symbols representing the four elements. Egyptian god Anubis rises at the top, while snake Typhon descends below. The Sphinx sits on top, while a human, lion, bull and eagle mark the wheel’s turning points.

This card signifies life’s ups and downs. What once seemed like your destiny can suddenly take a turn for better or worse. The Wheel reminds you that nothing is permanent. Ups and downs are natural cycles. Ride out the difficult times, enjoy the good. Know that the wheel keeps on turning bringing inevitable change.

  • Upright: Cycles, change, destiny
  • Reversed: Out of control, clinging to control, bad luck
  • Yes or No: Yes

11. Justice

Key phrases: Fairness, truth, law

The Justice tarot card depicts a woman seated on a throne, holding a raised sword in one hand and scales in the other. She wears a red robe and golden crown decorated with a tiny square. Behind the throne rise two pillars much like those that appear on other cards like the High Priestess.

Justice brings accountability, cause and effect, ethics and truth. Legal matters often populate when Justice appears. Karma plays out and the natural laws of the universe hold sway. Whatever currents events in your life, have faith that justice will be served in due time, even if the outcome remains unclear for now.

  • Upright: Fairness, truth, law
  • Reversed: Unfairness, lack of accountability, dishonesty
  • Yes or No: No

12. The Hanged Man

Key phrases: Surrender, new perspective, sacrifice

The Hanged Man tarot card shows a man suspended upside-down from a living tree, with a calm expression on his face. He hangs by one foot, in a pose reminiscent of the crucifixion. His free leg is bent at the knee pointing downwards in submission. A glowing halo surrounds his head.

This card symbolizes the need to surrender control, shift your perspective and allow events to unfold. What seems to be a sacrifice may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Letting go often becomes the catalyst for a spiritual awakening that leads to enlightenment further down the road. Adaptability now allows you to prepare for future growth.

  • Upright: Surrender, new perspective, sacrifice
  • Reversed: Delays, resistance, stalled progress
  • Yes or No: No

13. Death

Key phrases: Endings, change, transformation

The Death tarot card features a skeleton dressed in black armor, riding a white horse. Below lies a fallen king, while a bishop, woman and child kneel with their backs turned, unaware of the scene unfolding behind them. A golden sunrise peeks over the horizon, promising rebirth.

Contrary to its ominous name, Death rarely signals physical death. More often it ushers in symbolic endings, transitions or deep transformations. Like the Phoenix rising from ashes, something new awakens after some part of your old self dies away. This card brings closure to what no longer serves you so you can plant new seeds.

  • Upright: Endings, change, transformation
  • Reversed: Resistance to change, decay, corruption
  • Yes or No: Yes

14. Temperance

Key phrases: Balance, moderation, harmony

The Temperance tarot card depicts an angel with large white wings, standing with one foot on land and one foot in water. She pours liquid from one golden cup to another, mixing water and fire. A triangle points at her heart, representing trinity. The sun shines behind her from a golden sky.

Temperance brings healing energy and emotional equilibrium. It signals a time of peaceful synthesis, where you can integrate the different aspects of yourself into wholeness. Opposing forces discover harmony through the middle path. Find the moderate approach that unifies and returns you to flow. Healing occurs by aligning your earthly self with your higher self.

  • Upright: Balance, moderation, harmony
  • Reversed: Excess, self-healing issues, recklessness
  • Yes or No: Yes

15. The Devil

Key phrases: Shadow self, addiction, restriction

The Devil tarot card shows a half-man, half-goat creature standing on a square pedestal. Two naked and chained figures surround him, representing the enslavement of free will and uninhibited desires. Yet the chains around the necks are loose, indicating one can free themselves at any time.

The Devil symbolizes temptation, addiction and giving away your power. Sometimes when this card appears it means you have allowed yourself to become trapped by limiting beliefs, negative thought loops or harmful behavior patterns. Yet the chains are ultimately self-imposed. You have the power to liberate yourself through awareness and self-love.

  • Upright: Shadow self, addiction, restriction
  • Reversed: Releasing limiting beliefs, detachment
  • Yes or No: No

16. The Tower

Key phrases: Disruption, sudden change, destruction

The Tower tarot card depicts a stone tower crumbling to pieces after being struck by lightning. Flames and explosions eject two people from the building, representing the dramatic destruction of old structures, belief systems and comfort zones.

When the Tower card appears, expect sudden change on the horizon. What you have known to be normal is getting shaken up. Long-standing circumstances break down. This card brings chaos so that something new can emerge from the rubble.

  • Upright: Disruption, sudden change, destruction
  • Reversed: Personal transformation, fear of change
  • Yes or No: Yes

17. The Star

Key phrases: Hope, faith, purpose

The Star tarot card shows a naked woman kneeling by the water, with one foot on the ground and one foot in the stream. She pours water from two jugs, symbolizing the divine spirit flowing from the higher realms to nourish the earth. The stars above offer guidance.

When the Star appears, you are entering a period of renewed hope and clarity of vision. Your prayers have been heard – have faith that dreams manifest. After turmoil, this card brings peace and a sense of purpose. It may also represent the arrival of an inspiring person who becomes a guiding light.

  • Upright: Hope, faith, purpose
  • Reversed: Lack of faith, despair, self-trust issues
  • Yes or No: Yes

18. The Moon

Key phrases: Illusion, intuition, the unconscious

The Moon tarot card depicts twin wolves howling at a crescent moon hanging over a lake. In the watery depths lurks a crab, representing the tumultuous tides of emotion. The path rises up between two stone pillars into distant mountains and an uncertain future.

Under the deceptive glow of the Moon, nothing is quite as it seems. What you perceive may be distorted by illusion or projections. This card brings messages from your dreams and intuition rising up in symbolic form. It asks you to tune into your gut instincts and subconscious wisdom during times of uncertainty.

  • Upright: Illusion, intuition, the unconscious
  • Reversed: Fear, confusion, distorted reality
  • Yes or No: No

19. The Sun

Key phrases: Positivity, fun, success

The Sun tarot card portrays a smiling sunface surrounded by rays of light. A little boy rides a white horse and holds a red banner as he gallops under the sun. The sunflowers behind him twist eagerly to catch the rays. This joyful card promises positive new beginnings.

When the Sun appears it’s time to celebrate. Success, joy and vitality burst through any clouds that may have blocked your path. This card brings clarity and happy outcomes to current situations. It’s a green light from the universe to creatively express yourself without inhibition. Follow your heart’s desire and move forward with confidence.

  • Upright: Positivity, fun, success
  • Reversed: Negativity, depression, temporary setbacks
  • Yes or No: Yes

20. Judgement

Key phrases: Rebirth, calling, absolution

The Judgement tarot card depicts an angel blowing a trumpet, calling the dead out of their graves rising up to the heavens. Naked men, women and children with their arms outspread heed the summoning. Mountains and water surround them. A red flag bears a white cross.

Judgement marks a period of reckoning and revival. Past actions come back to haunt you or bless you. This card calls you to review your life and resolve anything hindering your growth. Make amends, tie loose ends, conclude old business – then prepare to take a leap of faith towards renewal. You are ready for a resurrection into your best self.

  • Upright: Rebirth, calling, absolution
  • Reversed: Self-doubt, inner critic, hesitation
  • Yes or No: Yes

21. The World

Key phrases: Completion, integration, accomplishment

The World tarot card shows a naked woman floating in a wreath, surrounded by a green laurel and red ribbon. The four figures in each corner represent the four fixed astrological signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. They symbolize the four elements coming together in perfect harmony.

When The World appears, you have reached the end of a cycle. Your hard work culminates in a sense of wholeness and accomplishment. This card brings fulfillment, completion, and successful integration of all aspects of life. It may indicate international travel or starting a new life phase. You are ready to turn a fresh page.

  • Upright: Completion, integration, accomplishment
  • Reversed: Lack of closure, goals not achieved
  • Yes or No: Yes

Tarot Cards List: The Minor Arcana

Now let’s explore the four suits of the Minor Arcana…


The suit of Wands represents the fire element – creativity, passion and willpower. When these cards dominate a reading, expect action, adventure or conflict. Wands deal with your visionary self.

Ace of Wands: Inspiration, new opportunities, growth

  • Upright: Inspiration, new opportunities, growth
  • Reversed: Lack of energy, boredom, delays
  • Yes or No: Yes

Two of Wands: Future planning, progress, decisions

  • Upright: Future planning, progress, decisions
  • Reversed: Lack of planning, delays, frustration
  • Yes or No: Yes

Three of Wands: Expanding horizons, foresight, enterprise

  • Upright: Expanding horizons, foresight, enterprise
  • Reversed: Obstacles, limits, lack of foresight
  • Yes or No: Yes

Four of Wands: Celebration, joy, harmony, relaxation

  • Upright: Celebration, joy, relaxation
  • Reversed: Lack of celebration, boredom
  • Yes or No: Yes

Five of Wands: Competition, rivalry, conflict, tension

  • Upright: Competition, rivalry, conflict
  • Reversed: Avoiding conflict, peaceful resolution
  • Yes or No: No

Six of Wands: Victory, success, public reward

  • Upright: Victory, public reward, success
  • Reversed: Lack of recognition, fall from grace
  • Yes or No: Yes

Seven of Wands: Perseverance, defiance, tacticianship

  • Upright: Perseverance, defiance, tacticianship
  • Reversed: Giving up, overwhelmed, cornered
  • Yes or No: No

Eight of Wands: Action, movement, quick decisions

  • Upright: Action, movement, quick decisions
  • Reversed: Delays, frustration, slow down
  • Yes or No: Yes

Nine of Wands: Resilience, courage, test of faith

  • Upright: Resilience, courage, test of faith
  • Reversed: Fatigue, questioning motivations
  • Yes or No: No

Ten of Wands: Burden, extra responsibility, hard work

  • Upright: Burden, extra responsibility, hard workReversed: Inability to delegate, overstressedYes or No: No

Page of Wands: Adventurousness, passion, creativity

  • Upright: Adventurousness, passion, creativity
  • Reversed: Lack of direction, boredom, procrastination
  • Yes or No: Yes

Knight of Wands: Impulsiveness, action, adventure

  • Upright: Impulsiveness, action, adventure
  • Reversed: Anger, recklessness, lack of direction
  • Yes or No: No

Queen of Wands: Courage, determination, joy

  • Upright: Courage, determination, joy
  • Reversed: Lack of confidence, jealousy, insecurity
  • Yes or No: Yes

King of Wands: Leadership, vision, entrepreneurship

  • Upright: Leadership, vision, entrepreneurship
  • Reversed: Impulsiveness, poor planning, easily bored
  • Yes or No: Yes


The suit of Cups represents emotions, relationships and the inner self. Cups connect to the water element. Their appearance highlights matters of the heart.

Ace of Cups: Love, joy, relationships, spirituality

  • Upright: Love, joy, relationships, spirituality
  • Reversed: Lost love, blocked creativity
  • Yes or No: Yes

Two of Cups: Partnerships, connections, attraction

  • Upright: Partnerships, connections, attraction
  • Reversed: Disharmony, distrust, breakups
  • Yes or No: Yes

Three of Cups: Celebration, friendship, creativity

  • Upright: Celebration, friendship, creativity
  • Reversed: Third party, overindulgence
  • Yes or No: Yes

Four of Cups: Contemplation, apathy, reevaluation

  • Upright: Contemplation, reevaluation
  • Reversed: Withdrawing, disengagement
  • Yes or No: No

Five of Cups: Loss, grief, bereavement, regret

  • Upright: Loss, grief, regret
  • Reversed: Acceptance, moving on
  • Yes or No: No

Six of Cups: Nostalgia, childhood memories, innocence

  • Upright: Nostalgia, childhood memories, innocence
  • Reversed: Stuck in the past, naivety
  • Yes or No: Yes

Seven of Cups: Fantasy, wishful thinking, choices

  • Upright: Fantasy, wishful thinking, choices
  • Reversed: Lack of focus, diversion, confusion
  • Yes or No: No

Eight of Cups: Walking away, disillusionment, leaving behind

  • Upright: Walking away, leaving behind
  • Reversed: Avoidance, fear of change
  • Yes or No: Yes

Nine of Cups: Satisfaction, emotional stability, luxury

  • Upright: Satisfaction, emotional stabilityReversed: Smugness, dissatisfactionYes or No: Yes

Ten of Cups: Joy, happiness, family, home life

  • Upright: Joy, happiness, family
  • Reversed: Family issues, conflict
  • Yes or No: Yes

Page of Cups: Creative, intuitive, sensitive

  • Upright: Creative, intuitive, sensitive
  • Reversed: Emotionally immature, gullible
  • Yes or No: Yes

Knight of Cups: Romantic, charming, imaginative

  • Upright: Romantic, charming, imaginative
  • Reversed: Moodiness, jealousy, apathy
  • Yes or No: Yes

Queen of Cups: Compassionate, comforting, devoted

  • Upright: Compassionate, comforting
  • Reversed: Martyrdom, insecurity
  • Yes or No: Yes

King of Cups: Diplomatic, caring, empathetic leadership

  • Upright: Diplomatic leadership, empathy
  • Reversed: Coldness, moodiness
  • Yes or No: Yes


The suit of Swords represents the air element. Swords deal with your intellectual, mental self. Their appearance directs attention to your reason and decisions.

Ace of Swords: Breakthrough, clarity, sharp mind

  • Upright: Breakthrough, clarity, sharp mind
  • Reversed: Confusion, brutality, chaos
  • Yes or No: Yes

Two of Swords: Indecision, truce, compromise, stalemate

  • Upright: Indecision, stalemate
  • Reversed: Forced decision, information revealed
  • Yes or No: No

Three of Swords: Heartbreak, suffering, grief

  • Upright: Heartbreak, suffering, grief
  • Reversed: Releasing pain, forgiveness
  • Yes or No: No

Four of Swords: Rest, restoration, contemplation

  • Upright: Rest, restoration, contemplation
  • Reversed: Restlessness, burnout
  • Yes or No: No

Five of Swords: Conflict, arguments, tension

  • Upright: Conflict, tension, disagreements
  • Reversed: Walking away, letting go
  • Yes or No: No

Six of Swords: Transition, leaving behind, moving on

  • Upright: Transition, moving on
  • Reversed: Stagnation, resistance to change
  • Yes or No: Yes

Seven of Swords: Deception, trickery, tactics and strategy

  • Upright: Deception, trickery
  • Reversed: Coming clean, rethinking dishonesty
  • Yes or No: No

Eight of Swords: Restriction, confinement, powerlessness

  • Upright: Restriction, confinement
  • Reversed: Self-victimization, breaking free
  • Yes or No: No

Nine of Swords: Anxiety, worry, insomnia

  • Upright: Anxiety, worry, insomnia
  • Reversed: Hope, releasing worry
  • Yes or No: No

Ten of Swords: Failure, collapse, defeat

  • Upright: Failure, collapse, defeat
  • Reversed: Can’t get much worse, only upwards
  • Yes or No: No

Page of Swords: Curiosity, restlessness, mental energy

  • Upright: Curiosity, restlessness, mental energy
  • Reversed: Deception, manipulation
  • Yes or No: Yes

Knight of Swords: Impulsiveness, action, intellect and decisions

  • Upright: Impulsiveness, action, intellect
  • Reversed: Aggression, disregard for consequences
  • Yes or No: No

Queen of Swords: Clear mindedness, independence, wit

  • Upright: Clear mindedness, wit, independence
  • Reversed: Coldness, bitterness
  • Yes or No: No

King of Swords: Logical, incisive, impartial reasoning

  • Upright: Logical leadership, truth
  • Reversed: Manipulative, abusive leadership
  • Yes or No: No


The suit of Pentacles represents prosperity, the body, and the earth element. Pentacles connect to the physical realm and material concerns.

Ace of Pentacles: Wealth, prosperity, abundance, security

  • Upright: Wealth, prosperity, security
  • Reversed: Financial loss, blocked abundance
  • Yes or No: Yes

Two of Pentacles: Balancing decisions, priorities, adapting to change

  • Upright: Prioritizing, balancing decisions
  • Reversed: Disorganized, overwhelmed
  • Yes or No: Yes

Three of Pentacles: Teamwork, collaboration, building

  • Upright: Teamwork, collaboration, building
  • Reversed: Lack of teamwork, disorganized groups
  • Yes or No: Yes

Four of Pentacles: Conservatism, holding on, scarcity

  • Upright: Conservatism, scarcity, holding on
  • Reversed: Opening up, generosity
  • Yes or No: No

Five of Pentacles: Hardship, loss, poverty, isolation

  • Upright: Hardship, poverty, isolation
  • Reversed: Recovery, progress, support
  • Yes or No: No

Six of Pentacles: Generosity, sharing wealth, charity

  • Upright: Generosity, sharing wealth
  • Reversed: Stinginess, imbalance
  • Yes or No: Yes

Seven of Pentacles: Assessment, reward, investment

  • Upright: Long term view, investment
  • Reversed: Lack of progress, impatience
  • Yes or No: No

Eight of Pentacles: Apprenticeship, passion, high standards

  • Upright: Apprenticeship, passion, high standardsReversed: Lack of passion, uninspired workYes or No: Yes

Nine of Pentacles: Fruits of labor, rewards, luxury

  • Upright: Luxury, self-sufficiency, rewards
  • Reversed: Overspending, lack of independence
  • Yes or No: Yes

Ten of Pentacles: Family, legacy, culmination of abundance

  • Upright: Family, legacy, abundance
  • Reversed: Family conflict, unstable foundations
  • Yes or No: Yes

Page of Pentacles: Scholarship, analysis, diligence

  • Upright: Scholarship, diligence, analysis
  • Reversed: Lack of interest, sloppy work
  • Yes or No: Yes

Knight of Pentacles: Hard work, productivity, reliability

  • Upright: Hard work, responsibility
  • Reversed: Laziness, lack of drive
  • Yes or No: Yes

Queen of Pentacles: Nurturing, comforting, secure

  • Upright: Nurturing, security, comfort
  • Reversed: Self absorption, coldness
  • Yes or No: Yes

King of Pentacles: Leadership, prosperity, abundance

  • Upright: Leadership, abundance, prosperity
  • Reversed: Greed, indulgence, sensuality
  • Yes or No: Yes


This completes the list of all 78 tarot cards and their divinatory meanings! As you can see, the vivid symbolic images conceal a treasure trove of wisdom. Learning this mysterious language opens up deeper dimensions of self-understanding.

Through skillful reading of the cards, we unveil hidden stories about our past, present and future. We discover archetypes and patterns that profoundly shape the human experience. By tuning into this ancient system, we better comprehend our soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

The tarot offers a mirror into our innermost hopes, fears, conflicts and dreams. It helps us remember our divine essence and realign with our highest truth. Once demystified, this powerful tool provides guidance so we may live up to our fullest potential.

I hope this overview illuminates your own adventures with the tarot! May the cards offer you endless insight on your wondrous journey…