Overly-spiritual people undermine the importance of money entirely because they think that it somehow controls them and strays them away from the path of righteousness.

That is why it’s so important to understand the symbolic meaning of money. Money, when used with the right intention, is a spiritual asset and can bring a positive difference in the lives of people.

The sad fact is that we only earn money to buy a luxurious life for ourselves.

Money is just a piece of paper. We’re the ones who give it power. We define its values depending upon the way we use it.

If we use it for purely corporate purposes, we completely diminish its sentimental value and transform it into a power-hungry instrument to exploit the downtrodden.

On a metaphysical level, money is physical energy. Like light, money can act as a particle (dollar bill or coin) or a wave (continuous financial flow).

If we hoard it and keep it to ourselves, it creates an obsession. Sometimes, our possessions own us, and we don’t even realise that until it’s too late.

When we use our wealth to luxuriate ourselves solely, we halt its circulation altogether and kill its wave aspect.

When we freely give away our riches to the poor and the needy, we give it the power to touch the lives of people throughout the globe.

Moreover, the best thing is the universe loves returning favours. It always has more to give to those who develop a habit of doing charitable acts.

You will never see Samaritans unhappy or living in abject poverty. When you’re good to the universe, it makes sure you are properly compensated for your generosity.

Majority of spiritual people lack the financial assets to effectuate their work because they think that money can only buy materialistic things.

They hold this belief that money cannot circulate in the spiritual world. That’s where they are utterly wrong.

Residing in the spiritual realm does not at all mean that you have to cut off your ties with the material world completely.

Life is about a balance between the physical and the metaphysical, and those who can strike this balance are able to make grand gestures for the universe.

Apathy for money also creates a blockage in their second chakra which deals with money and sex.

Buy things with your money, but don’t let those material possessions rule over your heart and mind. Never let an opportunity to disseminate money slide by, and always keep your intentions clear.

Money is power, and power can be used to uphold values of truth and selflessness. Make sure that when you have this ability, you don’t malpractice it.

Neglecting the symbolic importance of money is an unwise choice, because not only does it make your powerless, but also hinders you from helping others.

If you think that money is corrupting you, then immediately circulate it, and the universe will find a way to heal you. When you help others, it sobers you up.

Love when shared, cleanses your dirty money.