The idea of the soulmate has been around for a long time. Popularised by Hollywood romances, in common parlance, our soulmate is our true love, our one and only – our perfect partner.

In reality, however, we have more than one soulmate. In fact, we have a whole group of people who belong to our soul group, all of whom are our soulmates – and soulmates to each other in fact.

Our soulmates play an essential role in our spiritual journey, and as such our spirit guides nudge us towards them at times when the karmic lessons they will provide us will be most valuable.

These nudges come in many forms and are most potent when we are about to meet our soulmate. So if we want to know if a soulmate is about to enter our life, we can look out for these signs.


Synchronicity is the language the universe speaks when it wants to tell us something on the physical plane.

They are coincidences that repeat at an unnatural rate so that the uninformed do not notice them but the spiritually awakened can hear the messages they denote.

When we are about to meet a soulmate, we might begin to notice an abundance of love around us in our daily lives. We notice couples everywhere, and we see love and affection wherever we go.

It may even be that our friends are pairing off or finding new partners at an alarming rate, leaving us to wonder when it will be our turn.

Well, chances are it will be very soon.

Romantic Dreams

We also receive wisdom from our spirit guides through the medium of dreams.

This is because dreams are our primary access point to the spiritual realm (or astral plane), where our freedom from our physical body allows us to be our spiritual selves without inhibition.

Experiencing a dramatic increase in the frequency of romantic dreams is often a signal from our spirit guides that we are about to enter into a new relationship.

Where these dreams involve someone who we have never met, it might indicate that an important new romantic partner is about to enter our life. Our soulmate.

These dreams tend to start small but become more and more frequent while also getting increasingly intense over time.

Just at the point at which we begin to feel overwhelmed by it all, this will come to a head, and we will meet our soulmate.

Heart Chakra Energy Rush

The last sign we will talk about here is the energy rush we often feel within our heart chakra when we are about to meet a soulmate.

This usually happens the morning of such a meeting and is noticeable throughout the day. It feels like a low-level vibration or occasional palpitations accompanied by anxiety.

This is the heart chakra adapting to new energies from the spiritual connection we share with our soulmate and can, for some people, be quite unpleasant.

To combat this, we should take a moment to centre ourselves during the day, concentrating on bringing ourselves into balance.

We can also take the opportunity to ready ourselves for one of the most exciting meetings we will ever experience.

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