Having psychic abilities is the great gift that allows you to notice any hidden information through your extrasensory perception that your normal senses could not perceive. Many people are psychic by birth but don’t know about it.

When you know your true powers, you could use them wisely and intentionally and also develop them even further. Now and then, psychics get hints of their abilities, but they don’t know the signs. Here are eight signs of having psychic abilities, if they are true for you then trust yourself and polish your powers even further:

Solutions Come To You From Nowhere:

When you are not engaged in any mental activity, for instance, while taking a shower or watching TV – suddenly, you find the solution to the problem. It’s because when your conscious mind is silent, your unconscious mind takes over and it is responsible for your psychic abilities.

You Know People Deeply Even In The First Meeting

You can guess their abilities and flaws in the first meeting. You can also tell by even seeing the face whether the person is good or bad. You are also brilliant at sensing emotions of others. It’s not just that; people also don’t mind opening up to you. People trust you instantly. You are truly empathic in nature.

Your Instincts Save You Always

You can tell which the fastest route to home is; when you visit your favorite store, there’s always a sale going on; you save your money by not falling into the false promos; and so many other instances show that your instincts are quite strong and you might be a psychic.

Your Dreams Are Vivid

Your psychic abilities get a boost when you sleep; most of the time, your dreams turn into reality the next morning. You remember your dreams better than other people. If not exactly, but some part of your dream turns out to be true. You also see symbols in your dreams. Even your daydreams hold some meaning.

Your Experience Déjà vu

Nobody knows exactly why déjà vu occurs, but people who have psychic abilities experience it a lot. And not only that, the feeling is that strong that you keep thinking about it continuously.

You Sense Negativity from Miles Apart

Negativity makes you feel uneasy. You can sense negativity in people, places and even things. You don’t like it and want to stay away. There are no or few negative people in your friend’s circle.

You Have Synesthesia

Synesthesia is the ability to associate people with things; that means you perceive people quite differently. It is the strong indicator of being a psychic. For instance, by seeing your friend, a particular colour sparks in your mind; your neighbour reminds you of a flower.

You Can Sense Danger

When someone near to you is in danger of any kind, you can sense it. You get an unexplained uneasiness that remains at the back of your mind, no matter what you do. You can also sense when something dangerous is heading your way.  The best thing to do is to trust your instincts and be prepared.