“Did it happen before?” It is the first question that appears in a person’s mind who is experiencing déjà vu. Déjà vu is the French term meaning “already seen”. French psychic researcher Émile Boirac first tossed the word and from that time, lots of research has been done on the matter, but it remains the unsolved mystery of human life.

When you experience a new situation as a memory, that it had happened before, then you have experienced, Déjà vu.

Déjà vu is encountered by adults and children alike. Any of the five senses could lead to this familiar sensation. The noise in the background, the taste of some food, touch of anything, smell of a room, or saying any sentence and other things could trigger déjà vu.

But, the question arises: “What is deja vu spiritually”. Well, there are so many explanations of what is deja vu spiritually?  Here are some of the most common spiritual beliefs:

Experiencing the Past in Your Present Life:

It can be the experience of your past life. The recalling of the memory and connecting it with the present could lead to the sense of familiarity with the condition. Not only from your current life, but it could also be the memory from your past lives.

Message From The Higher Self:

On the subconscious level, it could be a message from your soul that you are at the right place with the right people. It could be confirmation from your soul that you are on the right track. When your conscious mind has the association with the unconscious mind only then the person could decipher this message. Many people may ignore it by considering it as the coincidence.

Tuning fork phenomenon:

This phenomenon could be defined as when the person’s mental frequencies match with the spiritual frequencies of other living beings and subtle-bodies. This match is temporary that’s why these people don’t turn into your soulmate.

It happens when the person is receiving these other frequencies and gets the sense of familiarity. Any of the other people in the room had that experience, and the matching of frequencies made you feel that you are living in the same moment again, but you haven’t.

Other Spiritual Perspective:

As many people even remember the word to word conversation occurred in the déjà vu, there’s a chance then it is the form of any psychic phenomenon like clairvoyance, precognition, etc.

What Should You Do:

You should stop wondering whether it has happened before or not and should focus on the bigger goal. Pay full attention to what is happening, and try to make sense out of it. It helps in meditation and takes you towards betterment early.

As it could also be the message from your soul, you should see when your mind has sent you the signal; who was around at that time; and what was happening there. If you decode the message correctly, you could find something beneficial.

Nobody knows what déjà vu really is. It may not take much time now when people will find the real meaning of déjà vu. Till then, we need to rely on the information that we have.